Texas Thug Police Department Rob Strip Club of Money and “Fun” Tokens


After a little city planning shuffling, the people of Edinburg, Texas, found themselves now having jurisdiction over a wonderful establishment called the Jaguar’s Club (*read: titty bar*).

Edinburg strip clubs operate under a very strict set of operational codes and because the Jaguar’s Club does not comply with Edinburg’s zoning policy, management has long been suspicious of the city’s effort in trying to strong arm their way into forcing  to them close down.

Though the club’s owners claim that they were grandfathered in during the annexation the police department has targeted the business as part of a harassment campaign.

In a lawsuit filed against Edinburg police Chief Rolando Castañeda, the owners accused the police department of robbing the place during an August 18 drug raid which turned up no drugs but left the club short on $10K of cash and redeemable ‘fun tokens’ used as “gifts” at the strip club. Laptops, files, electronic devices and an employee’s wallet were also confiscated and never returned even after the police conducted their search for drugs and found none.

The prosecution lawsuit mentions the additional items confiscated during the raid were not covered by the search warrant and therefore the police had no right to seize them.