It’s Time to Shut Darrell Issa Down

Darrell Issa is a crook and a bully. So of course in today’s Congress he gets to head a committee. This is what happens when John Boehner is in charge and the Republicans control the House. This is why Democrats must spend millions in the upcoming elections and why Democratic voters must go to the polls. If they don’t then fuck em. They get what they deserve. Which is a slime ball like Issa running hearings and shutting off the microphone of a colleague that it so much his superior that Issa should be forced to kiss his feet on a daily basis.

Just one look at Issa and you can see what a greasy individual he is. A former car thief (which I guess is a resume booster for a Republican vying for office) who was personally responsible for the recall election of Grey Davis in California, which gave us Gov. Terminator and a state that was run into the ground. Why more people, well actually anybody in the media doesn’t ever bring up this fact is beyond me. I’m ashamed to live in the state where this bum got elected, even though the people that elected him are obviously the same people who got all hot and bothered about an action movie star being the Governor.

darrell-issa-elijah-cummings (1)If you watched the scene of Issa turning off Rep. Elijah Cummings microphone during the latest of Issa’s bullshit hearings on the fake I.R.S. scandal then you could see how vile this man is. Instead of calling witnesses like the former head of the I.R.S., a Republican who was appointed by George W. Bush, he calls people like Lois Lerner, the former head of the tax exempt division who has taken the fifth because she knows a bug like Issa will do whatever he can to help incriminate her even when there is no incriminating to be done. When Lerner does take the fifth Issa uses that opportunity to just ask loaded question after loaded question, with no end in sight.

It’s all about grand standing for Issa. The I.R.S. targeted both left and right wing political groups, which is their ABSOLUTE RIGHT, since no political organization has tax exempt status and should be paying their fair share when they are putting money and influence behind candidates. To target groups with names that have TEA PARTY or PROGRESSIVE in them is perfectly fine and even the smart way to go about finding these organizations who are trying to cheat the government.

Issa must know this but he doesn’t care. He wants his daily witch hunt that he tries to tie into the White House whenever he can. Even though the Republican head of the I.R.S. that he won’t call to testify has said that the White House had ZERO knowledge of any of this. You see once a crook always a crook and Issa’s DNA is simply that, to be a thief, a dishonest swindler. He is all grown up now but you can’t take the criminal out of the man. Not this man. He believes that dishonesty and bullying pays off. Always has for him and always will. Only now he is playing the game at a much higher level and we all paying for it.

Cummings is a true gentleman. How he didn’t punch Issa right in the face amazes me. Issa did something that has never been done before. To shut off the microphone of any colleague would be a disgrace but to do it to someone like Cummings, with his history and cashe is revolting. Issa should be reprimanded by others in his party including Boehner. But since they are as classless as him nothing will happen.  Issa will continue to go on holding his pointless hearings until he is no longer able to. That will only be when Americans vote Republicans out of power in Congress. When Nancy Pelosi takes back the gavel.

Then and only then will Darryl Issa’s microphone be silenced for good.