Son Of God: Not Another White Jesus Movie?!!

I’m not religious, and I’m barely spiritual. I wonder about who or what God is. I wonder what kind of God is He or She. I hear that God is a loving and merciful God. Yet, why is there so much suffering in the world, especially for certain members of the human race?

There’s been another question that’s been going around, mostly concerning with God’s son Jesus Christ. The million dollar question is, “What color is Jesus?”

For the longest, I thought Jesus was a white man with blue eyes and dirty blonde hair. Paintings and church windows of Jesus that I’ve seen during my lifetime constantly confirm that. Not only was Jesus white, but He lived in an area that is predominantly white. There were no black faces anywhere, according to Hollywood movies and, of course, paintings and church windows, especially the ones in black churches.

Now, Hollywood with their never ending salute to whiteness is set to release a brand new movie starring a White Jesus. The name of the film is Son of God by filmmakers Roma Downey and Mark Burnett.

But that’s not all. According to Davey D of, this is just one of many Bible-based films to be released this year alone. So, it’s a safe bet that in an industry dominated by mostly whites, we will get Bible movies that will feature of a cast of mostly whites, including more White Jesuses.

Now, as always, some people will jump right up, denial in tow, declaring that the color of Jesus’ skin doesn’t matter. And then there’s a few slightly hostile commentators like Fox News’ own Megyn Kelly who insists that Jesus was indeed white.


Father, why thou hatest melanin?
Father, why thou hatest melanin?

The image of the White Jesus we’re all too familiar with has been around for centuries. It has deep roots through the history of Christianity. It’s unknown why Jesus was, and still is, depicted as a white man. One theory suggests that it has something to do with color association, the old “white is good, black is bad” formula.

However,  was there an accurate depiction of Jesus anywhere in the Bible? Not exactly. There’s a severe lack of an accurate depiction of what Jesus looked like. While some verses gave some cryptic clues, no one, not even scholars, can agree on what Jesus’ race was, especially when you ponder that Jesus was born before race was invented.

So, if there’s no accurate account on what Jesus looked like, why does the West insist that Jesus was white? One can only conclude that it’s part of the campaign of white supremacy. The old “white is good, black is bad” persists in Modern America. But it’s much more troubling than that.

Jesus – or rather God has been reduced to an excuse reference for American policies within and outside its borders. He has become the ultimate reason for imperialistic warfare. He has become the hater of all things ‘different’ and downtrodden as determined by man. And He has become the loving father of the insanely overprivileged.

So, Hollywood has decided to push an idea that has been done to death and beyond for so long. When watching TV, tune in to the Trinity Broadcasting Network on any given Sunday evening at 10:00 PM EST and you will see a movie presentation based on the Bible featuring – you guessed it – white actors. Biblical figures will be cast by whites in a region often theorized as populated by people of color.

Will Hollywood ever cast actors of color, black actors included, to be central characters in Bible-themed movies? Will we see a Black Jesus one day on the big and small screens, without Him being a character in a modern day minstrel comedy? Sadly, not as long as Hollywood and the media stay mostly white.