He’s Not My President, Nor Your President Either

Your president is not the president of any party. He is not the president of independents either. He is the president of himself. Not to be tied by the boundaries of proper decorum or common decency. Not to be bothered with the opinions of people who know what they are doing. Do you REALLY expect someone who claims to have all of the answers to take any instruction?

Nothing about him suggests that he gives enough of a fuck about anyone in this nation unless there is something in it for him. Look how quick he was to walk back as much of his repudiation of neo-Nazis and such as he could to maintain what little support he has. Look at how he has majorities in all the main halls of government and, to date, has not one single legislative accomplishment. Look at how he has had more turnover in his cabinet than a fucking McDonald’s. Look at how he responds to even the mildest constructive criticism. Look at how he can’t even keep friends inside of his “own” (see above, he isn’t one of them, and they’re starting to see it) party.

I didn’t vote for him, but that isn’t why I say he is “not my president.” I mean he is not my president because he has not made one single action since taking his oath of office that would or has make my life one iota better. For that reason, even if you voted for or somehow otherwise support him, he is not your president either. Sure, there are people who pretend to tow the company line, even copying his approach to sniping the lowest hanging fruit to excuse his behavior. His surrogates go out to the media to repeat already dispelled non-truths and repeat them louder when called on it.

“Well at least he is not Hillary,” they say, but never actually offer any of the substance that the eleven million spent on Benghazi investigations HAD to have unearthed.

Wait… Nothing was ever found there either?

He can blame a “do-nothing Congress,” but they were fresh off of several years obstructing the last president in wait for someone in their party to be a waiting ink pen on the other end of their agenda. It seems more like an unhinged wannabe dictator attached to said pen is the actual problem here.

Hillary is not the president. After 7 months, it is not about sore losers as much as it is about one sore winner who can’t seem to actually do the job he has found himself in and is looking HARD to figure out who he will blame before Congress in the party he claims decides to quit on him like they did Nixon.

Russia investigations and Grand Juries are still a thing. The sooner Congress realizes that it will be their OWN asses in the grease for continuing – the few who still do – to rearrange the deck chairs on the Titanic, the sooner 45 will get a visit similar to when Barry Goldwater, John Rhodes, and Hugh Scott made an infamous 08/07/1974 visit.

There isn’t enough cooked-up controversy to POSSIBLY draw attention away from these things when every single new fire burns just as hot as the previous one.

He’s not my president.

He’s not your president.

At the rate he is headed, his days of being his president are numbered.

You know who is doing a bang up job of keeping his nose clean in all of this? Paul Ryan.

“How?” you ask? Ryan is letting major conflicts go down between the executive and the Senate, not the House. He is quick to speak when 45 says some fuck shit. He has been on the right side of most discussions while remaining on the larger party message overall.
Should the president manage not to get himself impeached or otherwise resign as he sees his businesses hemorrhaging money, I FULLY expect Paul Ryan to primary him in 2020.
… and he’ll beat him too!