Gloria Cain Stands By Her Man Herman Cain

Someone needs to tell Gloria Cain that a spouse’s cheating has nothing to do with them having a “split personality,” or a lack of respect for the opposite sex. It most certainly says they have little or no respect for their spouse, aside from being selfish. That said, I truly feel for this woman.

Now, I don’t know whether Herman Cain is guilty of the sexual improprieties leveled against him in recent weeks. But, if I had to guess whether he is or not, I’m going to lean pretty hard on the side of his accusers. Let’s just say that Cain hasn’t exactly acted the part of an innocent man.

If anything, his subsequent behavior in response to the allegations has been narcissistic, and downright sexist. But I suppose in the eyes of his wife Gloria, what we’re seeing is his “split personality”. You know, the one that’s into groping random crotches in parked cars, that speaks in the third person? Yeah, that personality. Forget blaming it on the alcohol, fellas. Temporary insanity sounds ridiculous, but schizophrenia is perfect. Yeah baby, that wasn’t me – it was the other me.

“You hear the graphic allegations and we know that would have been something that’s totally disrespectful of her as a woman, and I know the type of person he is. He totally respects women.” – Gloria Cain

I know, forty three years is a long time to be married; and yes, I know that if anybody knows Herman Cain is his wife Gloria. However, I don’t know too many married men who make it a point to inform their wives of their intentions to cheat. I mean think about it: that’s why it’s called cheating, no? I could be wrong, but…

What wife in the face of such allegations will ever admit that it sounds like something their husband would do? No seriously, what high profile wife does that publicly? No really, answer that one!

Gloria seems to be a sweet woman – a true southern belle, if you will. Ultimately I think it’s a shame that we have never seen, nor heard from her before now. But like the dutiful loyal wife of a powerful man, the fact that she’s now trotted out for political expediency is kinda sad to me.