Hey, Jay Z: If You Really Wanna “Occupy”, You’d Be In A Tent – F%@k Your T-Shirt!

Priscilla Grimm, I agree with you for taking Jay Z to task on his exploitative actions regarding the Occupy Wall Street Movement. Selling t-shirts that are pulling from the moment of OWS protestors and not donating a dime is cause to Put His Ass on Blast.

Jay Z is an over-rated rapper who has stepped on a lot of toes while climbing on the shoulders of many to get to the top and sticking his dick in very interesting holes. But let me be clear.

A lot of “celebs,” both black and white have been stopping by Occupy Wall Street for Anachist cred. Then as fast as they arrived, they have traveled back to their nice housing and relatively excluded lives, while many soldiers have been pitching tents in snow, shit, and with homeless folk who have been forcibly planted by local enforcement as a diversion.

The pimp-like moves of notable 1 percenters have been something I pointed out when Russell Simmons and Kanye West brought their tired, raggedy assess on the stroll a couple of weeks ago. Namely, Kanye wearing a pricey gold chain, and Simmons not being called out for his Rush Card follies. The Rush Card was a pre-paid credit card venture targeting people of color, poor people and the youth, that promised to assist people in building credit, but was a sham that overcharged card holders and didn’t build shit but Uncle Russ’ portfolio.

Russell to Jay: " Can a nigga borrow a dollar?"

Also, Priscilla, I wholeheartedly reject you arguing that Occupy Wall Street is the most important social movement since Civil Rights. Your pompous assumptions is what we call in the hood as having your flat, “Ass on Your Shoulders”.

You see Priscilla, while you were dry grinding to “99 Problems” in the club, or your mother was finally learning how to do the Cabbage Patch to “Baby Got Back” the both of you’s were dancing to a social and cultural movement that even has you using its vernacular. Hip Hop.

Today you can’t go 10 minutes without a commercial or a news anchor using hip hop vernacular or a popular movie blaring the latest hip hop song as the backdrop. Hip Hop used to be that black shit that those type of people did. Today, everybody talks the lingo, wears the dress, wants to fuck Kanye, or singing “Black and Yellow”. Hell, even the Jews have stake in it with their wonder-rapper Drake.

Pricilla Grimm

Now if you want to talk exploitation, let’s have a conversation in which we bring the important social movement to the table that pre-dated your shit by about 35 years.

In fact, the audacity of hip hop and its radical roots is intertwined in your shit too, Shawty.

Don’t get it fucked up. Occupy didn’t just fall out of the air, it is a continuum of protests that have been occurring since Civil Rights. It would’ve been well noted if you could have called Jay Z out for pimping out another social movement pushing for progress as we simultaneously exploits a musical genre that changed the social, political and cultural climate of America.

A little information for your Negrophile records, hip hop that was played at one pointed blatantly challenged the status quo. However, you are a little too young in your Suburban education to know that. Oh yes, I am assuming.

This is why I disagree with your description of which you used to castigate Jay Z. As you said he had “the political sensibility of a hood rat”; however, I will challenge you two meth addicts and throw in an Oxycontin abuser that you don’t even know that a hood rat may fuck a lot of dudes in the hood, but that doesn’t mean she can’t read or isn’t politically astute.

Priscilla, Jay Z didn’t just fuck for beats to get all of that dough. His is quite political, just not how you like it. And your urban jab actually confirms why some folk aren’t feeling Occupy Wall Street’s over-educated, White lean. But I guess you are speaking with the sensibility of an Sub-urban Rat that is simply the left side of a vulva.

And in the words of my alter ego, a hood rat from South Central, “Occupy these nuts, bitch.”