Gaddaffi Isn’t The Only One Who Would Knock Condoleezza Rice’s Boots

So now that Maummar Gaddaffi’s compound has been raided and the word is out that he watches gay porn, and has a crush on Condoleezza Rice. Let me just go on record by stating that I too have a thing for the woman. I don’t know, but like me, I’m sure Gaddaffi sees the undercover freak in her that’s just dying to come out. You know, somewhat like that purely innocent school boy-school teacher crush? Yeah, kinda like that but with a lot of money shots, anal beads, Miracle Whip, and…

Now as a bleeding heart liberal, I’m not going to say that I have a shrine dedicated to the woman in the form of a photo album. Nor am I gonna say that like Gaddaffi, I have masturbated to the image of Condi saying dirty freak-nasty things to me in Russian, or any of the other languages that she knows. But as far as cougars go? That sister can get it from me.

Riiiippppa Daaaarling

Yes, I’ll be the Marcus Graham to her Lady Eloise anytime. Call me disgusting all you like ladies and gentlemen. But there’s something sexy about a powerful Black woman in a pants suit that makes my weak sperm wanna join the gym. Yes, I know, I’m sick like that; but, I would so smash Condi in a heartbeat. Don’t worry, I’ll still be as as liberal and progressive. But there’s something about those sexually repressed right-wing females of color that turns me on.

That means you too, Michelle Malkin.

Condoleeza Rice: "Why you playin'... this nigga got bombs and oil, son!"