Apologize for Being Raped: How One Missouri School Protects Our Little Girls

This story isn’t that fresh and I think I may have put it on my mental back burner on purpose because things like this makes my blood boil.

Ill behaving humans is nothing new when it comes to the treatment of the more delicate of our citizens, however, I’m not even sure what the basis for this bullshit is right here.

A Missouri school has now been named in a suit by the victim of a rape. The female victim, an unnamed special education middle school student, made numerous complaints to school officials during 2009 about sexual assault and harassment. Her complaints were dismissed for the duration of the school year.

And then she was raped at the middle school.

The girl informed school officials of the attack and rather than investigate the allegations the school officials instead forced the victim to write an apology letter to the accuser after she recanted her story behind pressure from the school officials who simply didn’t believe her.

All this was done without anyone informing the mother.

If that’s not enough to make you disgusted…there’s more!

The victim was then expelled from school for the remainder of the year for making a ‘false crime report’; she was allowed to return to school the following semester.

The sexual abuse and harassment continued to the point where the victim began to experience nightmares and became depressed.

Court documents state her mother alerted school officials about the assaults in hopes they would do something to protect the alleged victim from further abuse.

The sexual harassment continued until the day came where the same rapist grabbed her and dragged her behind a stairwell during school hours to rape her again.

This time her mother took her to the hospital and got a rape kit.

This time there was a DNA match and an arrest.

This time there was another expulsion….for the victim for “disrespectful conduct” and “public displays of affection”.

The juvenile suspect was taken into custody where he eventually admitted to the crime and was found guilty.

Are you angry yet?

School officials did not respond to CNN’s attempts to get comments, but the school district released a statement on its website.

“It is important to remember that the allegations in a lawsuit are just that — allegations. The district has filed an answer denying the allegations,” part of the statement said. “The district cannot discuss confidential student matters and does not comment on pending litigation.”

Court documents allege the school district treated the incident like an inconvenience. Though I can’t prove it because the name and details of the victim is private due to the sensitive nature of the crime, however, I’ll bet you my last shiny quarter that the victim was either poor or brown or both.

It would be nice if I could sit here and type this out and pretend that sexual abuse of the mentally disabled is something new. Unfortunately, as we have seen in the recent instance of a competent allegation of rape, no one is much listening and victim blaming is still alive and well.