Friday Funny: Sarah Palin meets Teddy Roosevelt

You know what? I’m really sick and tired of these low information idiots who spew turds from their mouths neatly packaged as right-wing truth. You know, all the idiots running around regurgitating the notion that every legislation signed by president Obama is an abject failure and destined to destroy America? Yeah, have you heard that one before? I’m sure you have; but I’m sick of it.

Today I had some idiot tell me that as a small business owner he had to lay off several people because of “Obamacare” – I swear I hate that fucking term they apply to The Affordable Care Act. According to him, because of health care reform he cannot afford to provide coverage to his employees. So, thanks to Barack Obama the Kenyan socialist and his witch doctor inspired health care reform, America is doomed. Kinda hard to understand especially since the damn legislation doesn’t take effect in a major way until 2014, don’t ya think?

Oh well, I guess I can’t blame the idiots otherwise known as regular people who parrot the lies of so-called experts posing as politicians. You know, sorta like the following public figure who has yet to announce whether she’ll run for president? Yep, yet she is having a good time traveling the country all the while making money not saying whether she will or not? Yeah, that person.

Anyway, in the interest in countering the nutjobs who would believe their beloved politicians say. Next time you hear one of them say that “Obamacare” will destroy the country because it it will increase unemployment. Read this report to them, and then tell ’em to go fuck themselves.