Eric Cantor Kicks Unemployed Out Of Town Hall

Oh, so you think the GOP cares about creating jobs, huh? I mean they made a big fuss about president Obama’s jobs speech next week interfering with their already scheduled televised Republican Primary Debate. So much so that John Boe4hner announced today that he’ll be giving his version of a jobs speech on Septenber 15th. Why wait so long? Isn’t the issue of joblessness important to the elected officials in the Republican party? Well, maybe it is, but then again:

About 200 people rallied outside the Holiday Inn Koger Center in Midlothian on Wednesday evening whereHouse Majority Leader Eric Cantor held a meeting of his advisory council.

The protesters chanted and held signs asking Cantorabout job creation, with messages such as “I Need a Job to Pay My Bills” and “Whose Side Are You On?”

Lynn West of Glen Allen held a sign that said: “Cantor— Owned By the U.S Corpratocracy.”

“He’s owned by the big businesses,” she said, adding that Cantor “lives in this rarified world of big money and power.”

Inside, Cantor’s advisory council — a group that aCantor aide said numbered more than 400 people — sat on chairs lined up in a large room. Cantor barred the media from attending his event.

The council meetings are held about three times a year plus a holiday event. Cantor has held the events since he was elected to Congress.

Cantor said afterward that anyone can sign up to attend the council meeting.

“This is a campaign event open to the public,” he told reporters. “All you have to do is go online and sign up.”

The protesters started the evening lined up along a hotel entrance before moving to a nearby shopping center. Some people were provided transportation to the site, according to Virginia Organizing, a left-leaning grass-roots organization that coordinated the event with other groups, including the Service Employees International Union.

Ray Allen, a political adviser to Cantor, said the protest was organized out of Washington. (SOURCE)

Oh well, don’t ever say that the GOP doesn’t care about the unemployed.

Kinda funny how this was an event open to the general public and meant to be productive wghen a few hundred unemployed voters weren’t allowed to enter the building. Way to go Eric Cantor, you’re truly a man of, and for the people. Yes, even to the jobless, you’re the man.