Detroit Councilman George Cushingberry Jr Gives Absolutely No Fucks

I swear you can’t make this shit up!! Detroit Councilman George Cushingberry, Jr has one set of huge balls, though its possible that his increased gonads come at the expense of having a pea brain. How else does one explain the Councilman’s behavior over the last few days? He was pulled over by cops in Detroit on January 7 after leading two police cars on a high speed car chase after leaving a neighborhood titty bar.

Once apprehended, police realized Cushingberry was under the influence of alcohol, and his car smelled of Mary Jane. The president of the city council only received a ticket for his bad behavior after an officer’s superior was called in and decided to let him go with just a ticket. I’ll bet the next dollar I borrow that this would not have been the case for any other person that decided to pull a Duke’s of Hazard move on the boys in blue.

According to sources, the officers gave chase after almost being hit, but the councilman did not stop. Another squad car was called in to help with the chase.


The source said officers finally stopped Cushingberry’s car and spotted the open alcohol container and smelled marijuana.

“When they finally stopped him, he took off again,” the source said. “Then, he was stopped a second time and (Cushingberry) flashed his City Council ID card. There was another guy in the car who had a medical marijuana card, but it doesn’t matter; you’re not allowed to smoke in the car. A supervisor came over and put the kibosh on it, and issued a ticket for failure to signal. The officers did exactly what they were supposed to do.” (Source)

It must be something in the water in Detroit that causes their civil servants to treat the town like a big ass Monopoly game while the citizens are barely making a living while having to dodge bullets from ill mannered aggressive hood folks who think shooting innocent people is a leisure activity.

My Dad lives in Detroit, and I visited once, and once was all I needed to not want to ever go back (at least in the winter time).

Detroit is a dead, cold place, its no wonder Slim Shady was so damn desperate to the get the fuck outta Dodge. Is that where the saying originated from? Humpf, could be. The town is the epitome of an economic toilet bowl, and the only people who seem to have any type of civilized life are those with their right hand in the air and the other upon a Bible pledging service to the public.

Cushingberry whipped out his race card on this one, and claimed that he was pulled over simply because he is a Black man. The police officers who were involved in the incident deny those claims and point out that one of the officers is himself Black. I’m not asserting that Black officers don’t target other people of color but considering the accused reckless behavior I’ll have to side with the boys in blue on this one.

Tuesday was quite an eventful day for the Councilman Cushingberry, indeed. A local paper wrote a critique of him earlier that day to which he responded by telling the paper’s editors to ‘Go to Hell’ via his Facebook page.

A Detroit News headline reads, “City Council is off to a bad start.” The article calls Cushingberry an “old school political operative” and newly-elected Council President Brenda Jones an “obstructionist.” Many readers chimed in on the comments section of the article, including Cushingberry’s Facebook. The staff members responded from his official account with: “Dear Detroit News, Go to hell. Go straight to hell. Do not pass go and don’t even think about collection $200. Jones and Cush will lead the Push for an even Greater Detroit. #WeLoveDetroit.”

Either way, an investigation is coming down the pipes from the state’s brand new Inspector General’s office which was created to investigate charges of abuse, fraud and corruption in the state of Michigan. I’m sure this is one of the results stemming from the investigation and conviction of former mayor and current Federal State Prisoner Kwame Kilpatrick who was convicted of fraud and embezzlement in 2013. He is now serving his 28 year sentence, and this is quite ironic to me since his existence still depends on financial backs of the same taxpayers who supplied the money used to provide him with a very lavish lifestyle before the walls came tumbling down. 

George CushingberryI’m trying to figure out what type of ignorant coonery is going on in Detroit’s public office? If you take a quick scroll of the Cushingberry’s Facebook page, you’ll see that snarf, disrespect and ill advised comments lashed at his constituents are the meat and potatoes of his public discourse online.

While other politicians use social media to improve their position and rally support, we’ve got this Knee-grow out here using sing-songy raps to defend his behavior after having been in office for only 11 days after taking winning his bid for council president. I really feel for the people of Detroit if this is what they have to work with, Cushingberry is also a member of the House of Representatives, and maybe just enjoying some of the privileges that our politicians have come to expect.

Indeed, Cushingberry gives no fucks, but I’m not sure that will work as a good campaign slogan.

Does Kwame have room in his cell if Cushingberry is found to be guilty of even more diabolical activity than just bad rhymes and a love of tits and weed? Will Gotham City ever find a hero? These questions and many more will be answered in due time. Until then, puff, puff, pass… on the shenanigans or make weed legal and be done with it.