Al Roker Schools Rush Limbaugh on Polar Vortex

So, 2014 is young, but it’s already off to a cold start.

But, I thought I’d warm things up a little with something warm.

On January 7 a large polar air mass dipped from the north to across the U.S. It was harsh for millions of people, including myself. It was so cold that the power was down in my home for a few hours. Normally, you would think it was due to heavy frost and(or) snow, but neither was the case down here in Southern South Carolina as there were blue and sunny skies above us.

It did rain a little the day before. Luckily, it didn’t drench everything so that frost could form. But there were still small puddles here and there, and they were frozen solid.

Now, here’s where this big freeze gets colder.

Popular right-wing, rotund, rabble-rouser Rush Limbaugh saw the cold blast, known in meteorological terms as a polar vertex, as what many conservatives see as a liberal agenda, as they do practically anything that clowns their demagoguery.

The Daily Kos reports:

“Do you know what the polar vortex is? Have you ever heard of it? Well, they just created it for this week…Right on schedule, the media have to come up with a way to make it [the cold] sound like it’s completely unprecedented, because they’ve got to find a way to attach this to the global warming agenda.”

Limbaugh bellows how the term polar vertex was something just conjured up from a media they deemed as liberal. In other words, it’s a spin that television placed on something hyped up like just like they did with the superpredator myth; the knockout games; or, the Brady Bunch Reunion.

But Meteorologist Al Roker proves that Limbaugh is just full of hot air. He tweeted a picture of the actual definition of a polar vortex in a 1959 edition of the American Meteorological Society. So, it wasn’t recent, nor was it fictional. Rush loses both of his points. But was burned when Roker told all those looking for a liberal media agenda to “stuff it” in his tweets. Now, that was a cold snap.

Alright. Enough with the temperature puns.

Al Roker

It warms my heart (Okay, almost enough.) to see people stand up against right-wing lunacy, and Rush Limbaugh is overdue for his checkup at the funny farm. But, nothing about what happened on the 7th of January was funny. It was a realistic weather phenomenon that affected millions of Americans. Only genuine weather meteorologists and climatologists with years upon years of education and training saw it for what it was. They called it, and it came just as they predicted it using research and calculations.

Rush Limbaugh is part of a group of people who believes they know better than what weather experts know. They also believe the media is a liberal talking machine built by liberals for liberals with a liberal agenda of liberation. And global warming has been an issue they flatly refuse to see as a serious environmental issue. Sure, the polar vortex was cold as hell. That does not mean that global warming is false. Scientists will educate you on the matter, but conservatism seem hostile against such prowess.

So, Rush Limbaugh is more wrong than he cares to realize thanks to being checked by Al Roker. Though, it would be funny that Limbaugh and his comrades would declare himself as a victim of a black-on-white attack. (Just one more temperature pun.) If he did check out Roker’s reply, he would likely be hot under the collar.