Clivern Bundy is a Racist and Republicans are Shocked

I love it when the chickens come home to roost. As it turns out Cliven Bundy isn’t only a tax cheat and a moocher but a racist as well! Now, I could have told you this well before Bundy held court with his cult of red neck un-American losers, and spouted off one racist comment after another. I could have told you this because people with Bundy’s mindset are usually racists. The ignorance doesn’t just stop with his selfish, inane interpretation of the Constitution, it often goes well beyond that. The same goes for his “followers.”

Now of course all of those Republicans who were on his side, pundits and politicians, are now distancing themselves from him as though they never knew he was a bad guy. The fact that he didn’t want to pay the taxes that he legally owed, the fact that he threatened the U.S. government with violence and had his minions show up armed to the teeth in a display of blatant domestic terrorism, preventing the feds from doing their jobs, all of this was not enough for Republicans to denounce him. But once a racist remark comes out of his mouth, all bets are off.

clivern-bundy-ranch-standoff-militia (1)This is the sheer hypocrisy of the Republican party. That they aligned themselves with this racist criminal should be enough to destroy any chances they have at any control of the government come November. Because you see, this is the government they want. A racist, bigoted, nation with zero equality. They want this as long as they can be sneaky about it and not actually say the words in public.They want the rich whites to rule and do whatever the fuck they want while the rest of us are slaves to them. Not just blacks either.

Before Cliven Bundy was found to be a racist, he was just a liar. He had claimed that his family owned the property his ranch is on since the 1800′s when in fact they bought it in 1948. Yes some were so damn shocked that he had lied, the same people who pretended to be appalled by his racism. Bundy had the nerve, the absolute white privileged gall, to say that blacks are takers, and do nothing. From a guy who owes 1.1 million bucks in back taxes, who wants to get rich without paying his fair share.

But you see guys like Bundy believe because they are white they deserve it. Because they think this is a white owned country. They never talk about the Native-Americans whose land they stole, never a mention of that fact. Bundy is simply a welfare cowboy. That term has never applied more appropriately to anyone. In his twisted mind he has it all coming to him because he was born white, owns a ranch and rubs cow teats every morning. That makes him immune from doing what the rest of us have to do, pay taxes.

Bundy claims he doesn’t recognize the U.S. Government yet he has gotten wealthy here, using the laws he likes to his advantage while ignoring the ones he doesn’t. He waves the American flag and spouts off about the Constitution yet his denounces what it stands for.

So now his racism has come out of the closet. And Republicans feign shock. They aligned themselves with this lowlife, and now are running away. They need to be held accountable.

The rest of us knew all along what Cliven Bundy was. Cow dung is too generous of an analogy.