Bigot of the Week: Bryan Fischer, “Underground Railroad”, & “Drug-Addicted Addicts”

Right-wing religious fundamentalist Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association is no stranger to outrageous commentary. According to Think Progress, Fischer has sunken to a new low with his anti-gay bigotry by calling for an “Underground Railroad to deliver innocent children from same-sex households.” It would appear that Fischer has a fetish for days of slavery in America, so his underground railroad analogy isn’t surprising. That is, not when you consider how he compared African-Americans who support president Obama and the “Democrat Party” to “drug-addicted addicts” hooked on Welfare on his show Focal Point last week.

He also claimed that Democrats “want slaves” just like in “pre-Civil War days” and have been able to accomplish their goal by turning government into “one big giant methadone clinic.”

But what was really insulting was the line where he said that African slaves were dependent on their slave masters for everything. So, in so many ways, we as black people in America, cannot help our conditioning. Well excuse me, I know I wasn’t there back when “we” pickled cotton and sugar cane for free, so I could be wrong. However, something tells me that I’m sure African slaves would not have been opposed to the idea of, oh, maybe receiving a weekly paycheck for their labor.

Yes, I would like to think that maybe, just maybe, just maybe on the off-chance that said slaves were paid, that they may be able to go to the store and buy an occasional candy bar for themselves, rather than having to “depend” on their oppressors for such treats. But, but, but wait it gets worse. Fischer, forever the Bible touting nutjob, also said that African-American voters who vote for Democrats, were also idolators according to the Bible. Yes, slavery and religion go hand in hand.

The worst bigot is the one who hides behind a Bible.

Black voters, Fischer explained, are practicing “a form of idolatry,” and therefore violating the Ten Commandments by supporting Democratic candidates and staying “on the Democratic plantation.” Yep, free money is our God of worship I suppose

Now the truth is, the Democratic Party ushered in civil rights legislation – as southern “Dixiecrats” broke with the Democrats and left for the Republican Party, which welcomed them with open arms – Fischer once again distorted the historical record and said Democrats were hostile to the civil rights movement. A claim that us black folk know all too well from many conversations with our brainwashed brothers and sisters who proudly call themselves Black Republicans, and even “runaway slaves” as we discussed on this very site recently.

But hey, I suppose this type of talk is to be expected from the very people who once used the very Bible they hold dear to justify the oppression of the people they conveniently continue to marginalize by proxy by voting for, and supporting the implementation of policies to further marginalize a disproportionate number of people of color. You can check out the following video and listen the hubris for yourself and tell me if I’m wrong; the last thing I’d like to be is a liar revisionist historian.