Ann Coulter: Obama’s Democratic Base are “Stupid Single Women”

I suppose there’s a new definition of stupid. A definition that certainly doesn’t describe any woman opposed to the benefits of access to health care under the Affordable Care Act, which is otherwise affectionately known as ‘Obamacare’. I mean that’s what I think when I listened to Ann Coulter as she spoke to Fox’s Sean Hannity in the following video last night.

You see, according to Coulter to be a “stupid single woman,” you have to be opposed to Mitt Romney’s campaign promise of getting rid of Planned Parenthood which provides health screenings that are not affordable for a significant number of women.

And of course it’s well-known that “stupid single women” are also members of the 47 million women opposed to benefiting from the guaranteed coverage of preventive services — including contraception coverage — without co-pays. Yep, smart women like Coulter aren’t into paying the extra costs for these services that are now covered as a part of ‘Obamacare’ as of August 1st, 2012. And it’s quite obvious that smart women whether single or married, are not into the idea of preventing unwanted pregnancies or the use of contraception.

But then again, maybe it’s not really an issue of being smart or stupid’ instead, maybe it’s really about Coulter being in a position to afford said guaranteed coverage — albeit being a dumbass — that many women not able to afford. When it comes down to it, I suppose for women the choice is clear: you can either be “stupid,” and vote for Obama, or be “smart,” like Coulter and vote for Romney so that you can enjoy health care coverage for women “more suited to the 1950s than the 21st century,” like President Barack Obama warned in Denver the other day.

Clearly, the choice is yours, ladies; and maybe Coulter is right:

According to a national Reuters/Ipsos poll of 25- to 45-year-olds, mothers tend to differ from women without children on issues ranging from the economy, taxes and military spending to healthcare andbirth control — as well as on presidential candidates.

Childless working women favor Obama over Mitt Romney, the presumed Republican nominee, by a striking 20 points, 46 percent to 26 percent. “Obama has done pretty well, stimulating the economy, getting out of Iraq and investing in healthcare,” said Joanna Giddens, 27, who works for a Denver nonprofit and can’t afford health insurance.

Working mothers were less likely to favor the president, by 42 percent to 34 percent. Stay-at-home mothers such as Formato, along with unemployed mothers, gave the president only a 5-point margin: 37 percent to 32 percent.

What the groups have in common is that, so far, no more than three out of 10 of the women polled support Romney.

Coulter also warned Obama’s base, “And I would just say to stupid single women voters, your husband will not be able to pay you child support if Obamacare goes through and Obama is re-elected. You are talking about the total destruction of wealth. It is the end of America as we know it.” So, do tell me which side are you on as far as this debate goes. Seriously, I would love to see just how “stupid” you really are. That is, how stupid are you at least by Ann Coulter standards.

Watch the video: