Arizona SB1062: Let’s Discriminate Against Repunlicans

I think I need to practice my “religious freedom.” To discriminate against all Republicans. That’s right. I hope you will join me. If you are a Democrat or “Independent” whatever the fuck that means, then practice your religious freedom and deny ANY Republican the right to any good or service you might provide. Don’t worry about the dough you might lose because only 25 percent of Americans admit to being a Republican these days. And any non-Republican would be happy to make up for the loss in revenue by buying your goods or services regularly.

This must happen. I mean it truly is our religious freedoms at stake here. If they want to play this game – and it’s looking more and more obvious every day that they are – then we need to fight back and give them some of their own medicine.

In Arizona, the state that gave us the most corrupt Sheriff in the history of our nation, Joe Arpaio, as well as rednecks that patrol the border, and 125 degree heat on a daily basis in the summer, the hatchet faced Governor Jan Brewer ( I will never forgive Janet Napolitano for inflicting her on us) is deciding whether to veto a sick anti-gay bill that was just passed by the legislature. A bill that says based on “religious freedom” you can discriminate against someone who is gay or lesbian. You are gay so..NO SOUP FOR YOU! Now, she will probably be forced to veto it because so many people are outraged about it and have called and e-mailed her saying they will never set foot in her state again or that they will take their business elsewhere if she signs the bill.

arizona-sb1062-republicansIt really doesn’t matter. The damage is done, In 2014 the Republican legislature of Arizona passed this bill. Period. If not for all of the pressure Brewer would sign it. And the trend has been set. There are similar bills floating around in other backwards states. Backwards is a good word because as other nations are moving forward, America is heading backwards into the dark ages. Mostly because of religion. That cancer that invades our country. We can scream about the separation of church and state all we want, they do not care. The Constitution means nothing to them. Never has.

Now there is a lowlife GOP lobbyist who wants to ban gays from playing in the NFL. Jack Burkman, says he has support for a bill that would do just that. I wonder who supports him? Democrats? I think not. Now just like the Arizona law this most likely won’t go anywhere but believe me, many Republicans wish it would. Burkman, who we know jerks off to those images he claims are disgusting (straight men showering next to a gay man) is a truly vile individual.  ”Imagine your son being forced to shower with a gay man,” Berkman said. You mean the son that compares his penis size to the guy showering next him? The son that whips his friend’s naked ass with a towel in the locker room? You talking about THAT son Jackie boy?

One wonders where a smug piece of shit like Burkman has been living? What dark, moist hole has he recently crawled out of?

arizona-anti-gay-sb1062But maybe I get too upset. I mean it’s par for the course with these Republicans..the religious right. They really do want to go back in time. They want to go back to when women couldn’t vote, when blacks were slaves, when gays were deep inside the closet. These are their ultimate fuck fantasies. As the rest of the world (and parts of this country, mostly up north) advance and evolve, they want to fight that with every fiber of their being. That is why we are seeing these bills pop up now.

So I say let’s practice our religious freedom. We must discriminate against Republicans. Make them feel the hurt they are inflicting on others. Then we can truly move forward without them.