Robin Thicke Paula Patton Divorce Saddens Me

Robin Thicke and Paula Patton called it quits. And to be honest, I think it sucks.

Unlike most men, I was not elated due to some lustful fantasy of trying to get with Patton. I understand that she is a beautiful woman. I get that. However, I do not care about all of that. I held her in higher esteem because she did the one thing that seems to be harder and harder nowadays: she stayed in a relationship that lasted for a nice duration (over 10 years).

Maybe that was part of the problem: Robin Thicke and Paula Patton dated for too damn long. Since it was said they were involved in their teens, there is a chance that they probably “outgrew each other”. Maybe if Thicke and Patton would have met as adults, then things would be better. Still, being with someone that long can get old (for whatever reason). It could have been a case of evolving people just drifting apart.

Robin Thicke Paula Patton Call It Quits2

And then there are the issues of hinted infidelity and whatnot. Earlier this year, Robin Thicke had been spotted partying with a female that was not his wife. Paula was more than likely pissed. On top of that, there is the Miley Cyrus stage dance situation. THAT right there will probably make anybody upset. Even Paula Patton. Regardless, I had high hopes for these two. But, those hopes have been dashed and, to be honest, this is some sad shit.

Why The Robin Thicke-Paula Patton Break Up Saddens Me Part 1

The reason why I’m saddened is because I’m a married man. With all of the odds being stacked against you in this world of relationships, you always want to make sure you pattern yourself behind those that actually win. Paula Patton seemed to be winning with Robin Thicke. Robin Thicke had a woman that made him look like a centennial winner (yes, a hundred years). Quite simply, I find it saddening to watch the epitome of everlasting love dissolve in a subtly public fashion.

Why The Robin Thicke-Paula Patton Break Up Saddens Me Part 2

You have to admit: they do look good together.

Another reason that I’m saddened is due to the obvious love that they have for each other. Quite simply, they simply look radiant with each other. The love and affection that they have for each other is obvious. It was not an accident that they dated. They were two radiantly attractive people that found each other and unleashed the possibilities of love on a grand (and almost fairy tale) scale. But we all know how fairy tales are: unrealistic.

Why The Robin Thicke-Paula Patton Break Up Saddens Me Part 3

Plus, the dissolving of their relationship makes others realize how mortal their relationships are.  With such issues as divorce rates being a constant issue with marriages, it is always inspirational to see a success story. Nevertheless, reality always bites. And when reality bites, it tends to bite hard. It is too bad that the bite was taken out of their marriage.

I want people to win. And this situation proved that even those that appear to be at the top are not always winning. Whatever the reason for the break up, I just hope Thicke and Patton actually “stay friends”. Still, how often does that happen? I guess all winning streaks have to come to an end, right?