About that Gun Control? Guns Do Indeed Kill People

Once again the favorite slogan of the NRA and gun loonies all across America, “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people” has been debunked as what it really is.. a slick, facile attempt to promote gun sales and to inoculate themselves from any responsibility when it comes to all of the gun violence in the USA. 22 people were injured by a knife wielding student at a high school near Pittsburgh, Pa. this past Wednesday. Some of the stabbing victims were hurt badly, but as I write this column, none have died from their injuries.

Now this was an horrific event as another unstable American youth went ape shit in the hallways of our schools and began to stab anyone who passed by. However, we can only imagine the horror if this student had a gun, the usual semi-automatic weapon that most of these unstable kids get their hands on. I’m sure we would be talking about another 10-15 dead kids and maybe teachers as well. Thank goodness that by some happy chance this kid didn’t have the ways or means to get a gun.

Of course the gun loonies, through their skewed, gun obsessed way of seeing things, see this as yet another reason to scream about how there are weapons other than guns that can hurt or kill people. They do not acknowledge that none of the people stabbed are dead and that they would indeed be dead if this kid had a gun. That small fact seems to get lost within their obsessive compulsive love and sick fascination with firearms.

rick-perry-guns (1)Those of us who are not gun loonies can see the stark difference between the damage a knife can cause and a semi-automatic weapon. Not the gun loony. They somehow see a knife, a stick, a broom, a coat hanger, nunchucks.. you name it, on the same level as guns. This is because reason and logic means nothing to them. They are blinded by their obsession, just as one can be blinded by a drug, or sex obsession. The obsessed will find so many different ways to validate and justify their obsession, no matter how extreme it may be.

So gun loonies and the NRA (professional gun loonies) will continue to scream about how this student was able to hurt so many people without a gun. That if a person wants to hurt another person they will find a way even if they can’t find a gun. They will scream about how an armed officer in that school could have shot the disturbed kid to death. Of course this would come after he already stabbed many people and then there would still be at least one dead in this story, instead of none. That would be if this armed officer shot straight and didn’t hit several other people by “accident.”

But there I go again trying to use logic. It’s impossible. 22 people are alive. Hopefully all will survive this horrible tragedy. This is because the weapon used was a knife, not a gun.

Doesn’t matter. “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people” will continue to be the mantra of the millions of Americans with “OGD.”

Obsessive Gun Disorder.