Demand Justice Now: Miriam Carey Had a Right to Life

Editor’s Note: This past week, I was able to secure an exclusive interview with attorney Eric sanders who represents the Carey family. Mr Sanders was a guest on Madness & Reality Radio and outlined the latest developments related to the investigation of the death of Miriam Carey. 

“We hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness….”

On October 3, 2013, Miriam Carey , a young mother decided for reasons that are unknown and in the great scheme of things don’t matter, decided to drive to Washington DC with her 2 year old daughter.  Her ultimate destination is also unknown and at this point matters little. What does matter is that somehow this unarmed woman with a child in her car wound up at the security gate by the White  House and the events that followed obliterated her rights to the Life, Liberty and pursuit of happiness that this country’s independence is based on.

Many of us watched transfixed as this scene unfolded – conflicting reports and misinformation flying around furiously. The one thing that was certain no one KNEW what was going on or why. This didn’t stop the media from making wild assumptions as to what was taking place and who the driver of the vehicle was. Wildly conflicting reports about terrorists, police being mowed down by a out of control vehicle, snipers and all manner of wild stories were circulated that day.  Given the end result one has to wonder, in part how the immediacy of the situation and the information being passed around impacted the handing of the situation and the terrible tragic end of it all.

We the people were given to believe that Miriam Carey tried to ram the security checkpoint gate at Garfield Circle. We were also led to believe that she used her vehicle to attempt to assault law enforcement agents who were trying to stop her car. Even afterwards more misinformation was put out into the atmosphere that tried to “explain” the actions by Miriam as being done under the onus of some form of mental illness. This being indicated after a supposed search of her home that turned up medications that were reported as being for someone undergoing treatment for mental illness. Unfortunately those reports did not indicate that in fact the medications that were found were those that can be prescribed for cross purposes and not just ONE indication.

miriam-carey-mental-health-feat (1)And now, more than six months later, we are presented with an autopsy report that indicates there were no medications in Miriam’s system and that she was for all intents and purposes healthy.

Unfortunately, part of the autopsy report indicates that Miriam Carey was shot from back to front – meaning that the entrance and exit wounds indicate that she was shot from behind including one wound to the back of the head.

The quote from the document that this country’s existence is based on looms large over this case.  Miriam had a right as an adult to get into her car and travel or go wherever she pleased. There is no law or ordinance that I am aware of that requires one to  report on travel prior to going anywhere.  If  Miriam or you or I get up one morning and decide to get into our cars and go on a cross country trip just for the hell of it  – there are no laws prohibiting us from doing so. That this young mother was denied her right to the liberty and happiness that is put forward in the Declaration of Independence as an “unalienable” right is clear. She did not  have to explain nor report a desire to get in her car with her child and go someplace.  Even if she made a wrong turn that led her to the gatehouse at Garfield square her life should not have been forfeit for making a wrong turn. Her daughter should not have to grow up without her mother because of a wrong turn. Please know that the initial affidavit filed by the police department regarding the incident makes NO MENTION of Miriam Carey  ramming her car into the security check point as has been reported by the media.

“That to secure these rights Governments are instituted among men, deriving their powers from the governed.”

Which plainly stated, to secure the rights of the people government obtains their powers from the people  which is also created by the people…

That being said given what we now know about the case of Miriam Carey, and based on our rights as individuals to hold government accountable, the family of Miriam Carey as represented by attorney Eric Sanders, Esq., are seeking a congressional inquiry into the events of October 3, 2013.  There is currently a petition on the site to request an inquiry –  you can click here to  view that petition and add your signature to it.

You can also sign the petition currently at requesting a congressional inquiry into the events by going here to view and sign it.

You can ALSO call your congressional representative and let them know you want an inquiry

People often want to know what they can do in a case like this to help

Insist on accountability – demand an inquiry into the events on October 3, 2013

Don’t wait till your rights to Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness are taken away

Because then it will be too late.

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