George Zimmerman Granted $150,000 Bond: Disappointment Falls On Black Community

This morning I watched George Zimmerman’s bond hearing as I’m sure everybody black in America did. No word on if they’re as pissed as I am with all the friggin’ commercial interruptions; but, I’m pretty certain that many of my skinfolk are upset at the outcome. Yes, George Zimmerman’s bond hearing lasted about two hours, and in the end, the judge decided to grant him the ability to post a bond to the tune of $150,00. So, how disappointed are some of my cousins about this decision? Well, I’m not sure if there are any plans to riot as of yet; when businesses in Sanford, Florida starts boarding up windows like they do in anticipation of a hurricane, then I’ll say that we’re pretty close. But until then, we can all take to social media as many are doing currently, to vent their frustrations. You know, sorta like my man Dr. Boyce Watkins did at

What do you do when your municipality is holding arguably the most hated and notorious killer on earth?  You grant him bail.  That’s exactly what Judge Kenneth Lester did for George Zimmerman, the man who killed Trayvon Martin.  As a condition of his bail, Zimmerman is not allowed to have possession of firearms, drink alcohol or use drugs.  He must also maintain a curfew.  How nice.

Zimmerman won’t be released on Friday, but the details of his release are going to be worked out between his attorney and law enforcement.   Zimmerman has been charged with second-degree murder for the killing of Trayvon Martin, but he claims that he shot him in self-defense.

If the city of Sanford wanted to embarrass itself any further, it just did.  The justice system that has obtained international prominence as one of the most inept, irresponsible, racist and unprofessional organizations in the country has set a new standard for judicial indecency.  The family of Trayvon Martin worked hard to get Zimmerman arrested because he was a flight risk, now he’s a flight risk all over again.

Granting bail for George Zimmerman, for the most part, is a slap in the face to those around the world who worked for his arrest.  It simply says that without regard to the will of the people, those possessing the power of the state have no obligation to answer to anyone or even share whatever information they are using to come to their illogical decisions.  Granting bail to Zimmerman renders meaningless all the rallies, petitions and hard work done around the world to bring him to justice.  It effectively communicates defiance within the Sanford judicial system to say, “We don’t care what you think.  We’re going to do whatever we choose to do.”

Now when you listen to Dr. Boyce and some of the people commenting on his thread via Facebook. You get the impression that the judge allowed George Zimmerman to be released on his own recognizance. From what I’ve seen, some are upset that bond wasn’t set at a higher amount. Heck, I’ve even heard comparisons made to Michael Vick who had a much higher bond amount for basically killing some dogs. A pretty stupid comparison if you ask me. Last time I checked and as far as the court heard today, Zimmerman is no multi-millionaire NFL athlete. Plain and simple: in the eyes of the court George Zimmerman is indigent, He doesn’t own a home; his wife is a student; and, I’m not sure if an employer would want to hire Ole’ Georgie Porgie right now, or whether him punching the clock in the face of death threats would be a good idea. I don’t know about you, but it’s kinda hard to shake $150,000 out of the couch when you’re unemployed and people are trying to kill you.

So why would Zimmerman be allowed to even have a bind hearing after killing a 17-year-old Trayvon Martin armed with Skittles and ice tea? Oh I dunno, but I think there’s this thing called the Constitution that guarantees him to such a hearing as part of the process of justice. Yeah, imagine that – George Zimmerman is entitled to the same Constitutional protections just like black folks in America. But don’t tell that to the people who ignorantly assert that, “If Zimmerman was black, there’d be no bond hearing!” You know, the typical racist claim we’ve come to expect?  Don’t get me wrong, people of color do tend to get the crappy end of the stick when it comes to justice in America. However, let’s stop it with the idea that Zimmerman just escaped death row when he was never on trial for a capital crime, folks. Damn, it was just a bond hearing and nothing more, right?

I’m sorry, but the opinion and thoughts expressed by my man, Dr. Boyce Watkins above are misguided. If anything, as people of color, whether we’re public scholars or not, to cast doubt on the process this early in the game isn’t good. I mean, it’s not like a potential jury pool of individuals who are supposed to act in the interest of justice isn’t, or hasn’t already been tainted by the court of public opinion given the level of media scrutiny and racial politics associated with this case, no? But I get it – the world is much safer with Zimmerman not being granted as much as a bail hearing. Yep, and I suppose that Trayvon’s parents should request a new attorney to prosecute Zimmerman as some of my skinfolk are asserting. Not that they can, but putting in such a request based on a bond hearing sounds pretty stupid to me. Relax and chill, people; we’ve only just begun.