When Thugs Cry, #Blacktwitter Laughs: DMX Breaks Down On VH1’s “Couple’s Retreat”

I somehow stumbled and ran into DMX on my TV last night. Of course I ordinarily watch nothing but political stuff on grown people teevee, but my life needs balance so I wounded up on VH1 – hey, don’t judge me. I must say that what I witnessed while watching their hit show Couple’s Therapy kinda threw me into a very weird space. Yep, and I don’t think I have fully recovered after watching one of my favorite rappers blowing snot bubbles and crying about his relationship with his mother while growing up. Ladies and gents, checkout my man, DMX and his “I Love Mommy,” moment:

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Now of course this is the same DMX hip hop heads like myself have come to know and love. Yep, no need for me to go into detail about his numerous arrests, baby mommas, and court appearances. What matters is that the whole world is now at a loss for words. With DMX crying on television, what’s next, pictures of other hardcore rappers from the streets kissing grown men in the mouth? Check out the reactions from some on Twitter below.

I can understand why this would be funny to many viewers; however, this really isn’t a laughing matter. If you ask me, I think that’s exactly what’s wrong with today’s society. To laugh at something like this just shows that there are a lot of people like DMX in need of a hug from mommy. Truth is, there are too many black men and women currently living dysfunctional lives as a result of growing up in broken homes. Not all of them deal with it in ways that DMX has, but please believe they’re “acting out” in various ways. Many of them probably cry themselves to sleep at night when out of public; even worse, many of them will never be on the road to recovery and healing out of the fear of being perceived as soft. I’m sorry people, but this isn’t funny; mental health is no joke.

But don’t tell that to these folks…