Dr. Umar Johnson and The Power of the Punani

I am noticing more and more mentioned indiscretions with men and their “insignificant others”. If these men aren’t caught up with their side pieces, then they are having too many baby mommas. I promise you that Magic Johnson didn’t get caught up for all of these young men to keep repeating “playa mistakes”. Yet, they keep making these mistakes by the ton. It seems that discretion, intelligence, and money/power doesn’t ride in the same boat nowadays.

And this new example of said madness is making things look even worse. Just recently, Dr.Umar Johnson has been caught up in some text-to-text madness that cost him a lot of donation money. Here’s the scoop:

dr-umar-johnsonDr. Umar Johnson just got caught up in a stripper scandal that cost him a whole lot of money. The scandal has costed Umar a million dollar donation from an NFL player.

About a week ago, Kymm Ringgold, the self-proclaimed ‘Conscious Stripper’ posted intimate text messages between her and Dr. Umar Johnson on her Instagram, revealing that they are dating and having sexual relations. [1]

Dr umar johnson

Okay, so now I am confused. For one, why would Dr. Umar Johnson mess around with a stripper that also professes to be “conscious”? You know that would become trouble as soon as he mentioned “grocery eating”. Second, why would he actually risk his livelihood over stripper booty in the first place. All of this matters not, though. Obviously, his poor judgment is going to make him look bad.

Then again, this type of stuff shouldn’t be a big deal. Yes, Dr. Umar Johnson is a man of “high regard” due to his Pan-Afrikanism ideologies. However, he is a single man. But that isn’t the bigger issue:

Umar Johnson, also known as the “Prince of Pan-Afrikanism” as he calls himself, is an unmarried, conscious brother with two kids, who does a lot for the black community.

Conscious Stripper says that Dr. Johnson is a lying “p*ssy-hound” after he apparently went on the Roland Martin show in the beginning of June and said that he was celibate. [2]

NOW we get into the meat of the problem. A lot of it has to do with WHO he is screwing (in relation to his ideologies). Another problem is the fact that he seems to be living a double life. This is the product of men not realizing that there will always be that one thing to defeat them: pussy.

Where Dr. Umar Johnson Messed Up

With much more deeper thought on the subject, it can be easily said that Dr. Umar Johnson made the mistake of thinking he could outduel the pussy. You see, any man in his position should have been smart enough to either not take the celibacy route or make better sexual provisions. Nowadays, exposing important people is at an all-time high while loyalty is questioned in Chris Brown songs about women that should never be loyal in the first place. Still, he didn’t fully understand that even Samson was taken down by Delilah, Kobe Bryantwas worked over by some random booty in Colorado, and Mike Tyson was done in byDesiree Washington. Therefore, it makes no sense to fight against an unconquered, indelible “frenemy”.

dr umar johnson 2

All men know pussy reigns supreme. Dr. Umar Johnson, within all of his Pan-Afrikanism, forgot the symbolic escapades of Adam and Eve? That’s a sad sight.

Then again, how can someone be THAT sorry for him when he went for a stripper? I’m not saying anything is wrong with dating strippers. However, it never looks good when a man of such hubris (attained or implied) proves that he is as human as everybody else. With all the great speeches, interviews, and ideological madness that comes from him, it is dumbfounding to realize that he wasn’t smart enough to get taken down by stripper booty. Alas, that is what happened.

Dr. Umar Johnson and the Tainted Hubris

In the end, all men need to understand that they stand no chance against the pussy. You don’t challenge the pussy; you learn how to manage your life around it. Dr. Umar, in all of his intellectually enhanced arrogance, did not understand this. Plus, professing celibacy while delving into the power universal of a stripper with a moral compass didn’t help matters, either. No wonder he missed out on a million dollar donation: he fought a losing battle that he was too arrogant to avoid.