Steve Harvey Wants Paula Deen to Mentor Black Youth

I will be the first to admit: I have always been critical of Steve Harvey. Let us face the fact that he made a pretty penny keeping women single. People actually think that he was helping out all those women that wanted to “understand men”. However, constructing tomes equating males to rabid canines with Cookie Monstertendencies that need training is foolish. People bought into his foolishness by the millions, so who was I to disagree?

I knew it would not be long before he did something that I could not even fathom accepting. Steve Harvey plans on allowing Paula Deen to mentor 100 Black Youth in the culinary arts:

Harvey is allowing Deen and her team to teach culinary skills to boys from the Steve Harvey Mentoring Camp. Each year 100 fatherless boys attend Harvey’s camp in Dallas during Father’s Day weekend. During their stay the boys are taught principles of manhood and introduced to positive male role models. [1]

I would say that Steve Harvey is working the “racial redemption” angle by allowing Deen to even be around impressionable youth at this moment. Regardless of how anyone feels, Harvey “don’t give a damn” [2]. In all fairness, Steve Harvey is dead fast in his irrational decision making.

Steve Harvey 1

I don’t care how he slices this situation up, this so called mentoring is not the best move (at all).

Steve Harvey Pulled a Coon Move

Many of us just have to come to terms with the fact that Steve Harvey will keep doing whatever he believes whether it is stupid or not. Having Paula Deen mentoring anybody’s inner city kids in ANYTHING is a seeming lack of principles and integrity. Responding with an “I don’t give a damn” statement is just another example of him being willingly stupid. Not only is that, but Harvey’s level of stupidity smothered in Paula Deen’s own flavorful denial of responsibility. Once again, Steve Harvey is going to do whatever he figures to be the best decision (logic be damned).

Paula Deen is No Smarter than Steve Harvey

In no way am I implying that Paula Deen has no intellect. But, what I am saying is that Paula Deen seems to be way too ambitious in her efforts. I understand that Deen wants to reconcile with the rest of the Black people inAmerica. However, she should have eased her way into a situation like this (i.e. donations, etc.) instead of going full throttle into a land that is keen on forgiving the non-deserving. In short, Deen jumped the gun on this one.

She IS the woman that made this statement before all of this mess:

“Well what I would really like is a bunch of little niggers to wear long-sleeve white shirts, black shorts and black bow ties, you know in the Shirley Temple days, they used to tap dance around,” Jackson alleges Deen told her. “Now, that would be a true Southern wedding wouldn’t it? But we can’t do that because the media would be on me about that.”

So, how should we REALLY feel? Should we really feel that Paula “still loves us coloreds with her confederate heart”?

The Skinny on Steve Harvey’s Misjudgment

Steve Harvey wanted to make a positive change in both Paula Deen’s life and the connected learning opportunities for inner city children. Yet, he chose to have a known racist (featurally inferred) become a culinary mentor for those that Paula Deen. Steve Harvey could have simply found a Black cook or chef to perform the same duties with no problem. Then again, picking a Black person could mean less conversation, controversy, and show ratings.