#Ferguson: Cops Wear “I Am Darren Wilson” Bracelets

We all know that the references to Darren Wilson and Michael Brown are getting tired. Yes, the protests have died down slightly (which is expected). We also understand that the police is not waging any more civil war (for now). There is an understanding that people are still pissed. However, some of the velocity within the protesting and demonstrating is being decelerated.

There seems to be an issue that is rearing its ugly head. In fact, there is a conclusive “duh” moment that seems to have occurred within the Ferguson, Missouri populace due to some “cosmetic choices” of some policemen within the state:

Yesterday, after reports that a mysterious fire had been set to a Michael Brown memorial, a photo allegedly depicting a Ferguson, Mo., police officer wearing an “I am Darren Wilson” bracelet, in support of the officer who shot and killed Brown, began to circulate on social media.

The photo was first published on the Instagram account MediaBlackOutUSA. In a press conference today,Missouri Highway Patrol Captain Ron Johnson confirmed the bracelets’ existence and argued that they were a personal statement for the officers wearing them, BuzzFeed reports. “I think that was not a statement of law enforcement. I think wearing that was an individual statement,” he reportedly said. [1]

Well, I must say that things did escalate faster than I had planned. I would eventually find people that would “support” Darren Wilson. However, I did not think that I would find a disturbing wrist band like that so soon. More than anything, I did not think any policemen would wear anything in support of Darren Wilson at all.


darren-wilson-bracelet-ferguson-policeDarren Wilson Bracelets Equal No Justice

What those bracelets represent is a slap in the face. If there was any way to make a statement of defiance against the Ferguson community, this was a thought provoking way to do it. It should be noted that Darren Wilson is, practically, a murderer. So, wearing an “I Am Darren Wilson” bracelet only works to justify his right to kill a young man in the street. To wear that bracelet is to be blatantly disrespectful to those in Ferguson (and the world) with little regard.


With actions like the aforementioned, there needs to be an understanding of what those policemen in that area are all about. They are all not about “doing their job”. Plenty of them are about disrupting the fabric of social existence within that city. Others will specifically justify the actions of Darren Wilson with a hint of empathy. Too many of these policemen are around to take advantage and show loyalty to their badges.

Darren Wilson 2

So, can we end all of the “kumbaya” talk as it is? We know have the definite proof that some of the cops in the Ferguson are hard pressed to even go against their brother in arms. This relationship between the citizens and police is beyond repair in Ferguson. Darren Wilson has become the poster child for rogue police officers that have a “kill-at-will” mentalities and Marshall law tendencies. Why would any citizen want to hold hands with the same policemen that plan on strangling them?


I mean, let me be real here: there is a reason why many wanted Iyanla Vanzant to shove her “Ferguson council” she gave to those two men up her ass. This is not a “two way street” situation where two sides just can’t get it together. This is an example of one side forcing themselves upon the other. One is the predator and the other is the prey willing to fight for their life. I’m not sure Iyanla Vanzant is built for issues within the urbanely figurative animal kingdom.

Darren Wilson Bracelets are a Disgrace

Once again, America I blame you all for this stupidity. Instead of forcing someone to take the stand and bring Darren Wilson to justice, we have the blatant disrespect and admonishment of guilt on full display. Now, other cops want to make it seem like they are Darren Wilson. This doesn’t surprise anybody because there are too many pigs and not enough policemen. However, I need for people to not be shocked when the citizens of Ferguson start having a taste for bacon.