Soldier Boy and TI: Black Men With Drugs, Guns and Black Cards

It’s so sad that it’s actually humorous.

The recent mug shot of your favorite ‘whatever happened to’ rapper Soldier Boy Tellum is currently being displayed across web browsers all across the world.

In it, he looks slightly nauseated But I’m Rich By-otch! with just a hint of Oh, Shit! confusion. And since being picked up last night in GA with a shit load of drugs, guns and stacks of cash he has good reason to.

Maybe he is puzzled at his current state of denainment, after all, imagine how inconvenient it must be for the 21 year old multimillionaire to be locked up? D’Andre Way would have been released into parental custody for this same feat only three short years ago and now he’s just gonna sit, like an average Knee-Grow would, waiting to ‘make bail’.

Having his Lamborghini, diamond encrusted jewels, Black Card and entourage removed from him has to be stressful.

Maybe he’s trying to walk in the big shoes of rapper, TI, who is fresh home from jail and making his way around the freestyle circuit. All the major Hip Hop players are talking about how TI’s time away has made his skill sharper and his delivery reminiscent of his early career days.


Notoriety can’t be purchased these days, no, in order for one to please the fans, one must ‘be real’ and ‘do real things’ including riding around in car full of goons with drugs and cash.

Seems silly when our beloved neighborhood assholes do it, but what about a man who does have a BLACK CARD and the money to back up that unlimited line of credit.