Richard Sherman Criticizes Black Lives Matter

Richard Sherman hasn’t made a statement he didn’t like. In previous situations, he has battled Skip Bayless, shown his professional disdain for Michael Crabtree, and blatantly question BLM. Whether outrageously loud or stern with focus, Sherman has made it his business to express himself. You already can tell that his organization supports it. Otherwise, Richard Sherman would have backed off a long time ago.

And here we are: right back into another conversation about Richard Sherman’s commentary. Talking to The Undefeated, Sherman had taken the time to be interviewed on “race and violence”. Never to back down from a statement (you know why), he reiterated this:

richard-sherman-black-lives-matterWe hear a lot about Black Lives Matter. But I think race was created. I think everybody is a human being first and then the color of their skin wouldn’t matter if nobody told you it mattered, if that makes any sense. [1]

And there we have it again. Instead of noting the foolishness of black men being harmed by reckless cop behavior, Sherman goes for the “we all matter” cop-out. One would think that the continual fall of black bodies sans black souls would be enough for a reawakening. Nevertheless, we are seeing Richard Sherman for what he is: an on field talent with intellectual lapses in judgment and speech.

Richard Sherman: Disappointment of All Star Caliber

If Richard Sherman would honestly look back at his recent past, he would actually know better. Does Richard remember when the media marked him as “thug”? Does Richard remember when the public made him out to be a menace? Does Richard Sherman recall when they thought of him as scum? Consequently, he must have forgotten that he was never judged off of the content of his character.

No, my good people. He was judged because he was loud, confidant, brash, and BLACK.

So, why is he trying to cater to the majority? We don’t need to be told that race is a creation. We already have that figured out. But what is that creation used for? Mainly, it is used to uphold one race over all the others.

He can’t dismiss race when the one doing the dismissing keeps trying to go missing. The denying of culpability has to end.

Richard Sherman: Mentally Benched

Richard Sherman has to get it together for the sake of his own reputation. He is way too intelligent to actually be this daft. It makes no sense to deny the racism that he has suffered under. He needs to let the shine of the spotlight stay out of his eyesight. Especially when that spotlight will always falter under racial plight.