Team Taboo Under Fire: Police Investigate Memphis Group’s Nightclub Sex Party Viral Video [NSFW]

So here I was giving Atlanta hell for its fuckery last week, and up jumps some foolishness from literally around the corner from where I live. Boy I tell you: Karma is a half-naked sista sucking dick on cam up in the club. OK, so maybe you haven’t seen the latest installment of madness straight out of the mid-south. Just if you haven’t, it is a video released on none other than the black community’s favorite online source of all things pro-niggerdom, ridiculously buffoonish, and superbly coontastic known as World Star Hip Hop. You know, that really educational site mostly visited by black folks?

Last Friday night just before going to bed, my wife thought it was important for me to see the video that err’bpdy and their mama was talkin’ ’bout here in Memphis last week. Which is really funny because I hadn’t heard a word about this in the news locally; but, I suppose that’s what I get for paying attention to national politics and the foolishness that comes out of other cities other than my own. So I look at this video, and my initial thought after my jaw hit the floor was: “Damn, the strip club is off the hook like a mugg!” Yeah, being as married as long as I have, let’s just say that it’s been a while since I stepped into such an establishment to be, er, entertained. But then it was explained that it was an actual nightclub around the way and not your everyday booty shake joint, and I was floored. I wasn’t the only one appalled by the display of reckless hedonism:

(Memphis) – Video that was posted online promoting a racy Memphis party has captured the attention of police.

The party was thrown by a group called Team Taboo

WREG caught up with the spokesperson of the organization to talk about what Team Taboo does.

“It’s an organization for the people of Memphis,” Kenny Lee said. “People who don’t have family we take them in.”

That’s how Kenny Lee originally described his organization Team Taboo.

The same group who promoted one of its community functions with a steamy video.

It shows young adult popping champagne bottles and engaging in various sex acts.

Some so explicit we can’t show them on TV.

“I am not proud of the video. I was upset after watching it,” he said.

Lee originally denounced the video and even wrote a statement to the media saying Team Taboo does not promote anything illegal or demeaning.

But after questioning Lee for several minutes he admitted his group did in fact release the video.

“We released the video,” he said.”We did.”

He also admitted the groups real focus is on the party.

“We’re an organization in the City of Memphis just like a number of the organizations. We’re just more on the X-Rated side I would say,” Lee said.

That X-Rated content captured in this video has captured the attention of local law enforcement. They are trying to figure out if any laws were broken at the party held at Club Elements.

“We are in the process to see what the owners knew. What information they were privileged too. If we have enough, we’ll proceed with public nuisance charges,” Memphis Police Chief Tony Armstrong.

We couldn’t get hold of Club Elements, but Lee says his group did nothing wrong. He added everyone at the party was consenting adults.

“You had to be 18 years of age to get into that party,” he said. “They I.D.’d everybody.”
He also vowed his parties won’t be stopping anytime soon.

“I mean we are party people you know what i mean,” Lee said. “We get down.”

A community-based organization that’s into giving back, my ass! What are they giving back? A new generation of single mothers struggling to survive while lil’ Raheem or Keisha wonders, “Where’s my daddy?” I’m sorry, but aren’t they contributing to the already startling numbers that places Memphis, TN. number one when it comes to STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) and Infant Mortality rates? Shit, I don’t know what Team Taboo spokesman Kenny Lee is talking about; but hell, they might as well be running around handing out free crack to the community.

Here’s what they’re about from their Facebook Fan Page:

Team Taboo Heaux

A couple of pep have asked me how did I come up with the idea for the group. Well the meaning of “Taboo” is prohibited., and is defined as a social prohibition relating to any area of human activity or social custom. For example, its considered as a “Taboo” from a societal standpoint if people: have oral sex, 3somes, are bisexual, swallow nut, lick ass, lick toes, balls, smoke weed, drink liquor, go to strip clubs, fuck doggy style,etc and basically do all of the fun shit in life. Ironically, people still do all of these things and go through extreme measures to hide it..some people pay thousands of dollars and go to Vegas to have their first 3some, some millionaires don’t live the exotic lives that we live in our empire…

[…]The people who you would least expect, the celebrities, doctors, judges, preachers, political figures, teachers, lawyers, judges, and any other human being damn near all do what we do, they just try to hide it from the eyes of society. It feels great being able to be yourself without being judged. Me personally, I don’t give 2 fucks about what people think about me and have lived my life freely, but im aware tht there were females who were hesitant to admit that they wanted a 3some w 2 guys or that they wanted to experience a woman…but they never acted upon their thoughts or fantasies outta fear of ridicule from their peers and embarrassment..

[…]but what they fail to realize was tht their peers actually was prly thinkn the same freaky shit as them…Ive saw where people had went thru molestation as children and felt dirty n had low self-esteem. The Taboo is a place where a person can sit back and laugh at the obstacles tht they encountered in their past and actually discuss them with open-minded people without being judged. I was molested by my babysitter at the age of 7, she use to beat my ass n force me to eat her pussy, but now I can laugh at it and prly would thank her for the training at such an early age lol..

[…]I could hypnotize a female with my tongue along at the age of 12 lol… I wanted to bring people inside of my world and my life and experience the fun that ive been havn for years. It’s a great feeling be able to express yourself freely without caring about what people think about you. We are trend-setters in the Taboo. The Taboo is a liberal empire that doesn’t live by societal expectations and views, we have our own set of rules and moral codes in this empire that basically plays as an advocator for self-happiness, a place of peace, solace, and an eradicator of stress, and low self-esteem for each loyal Diamond and King within us. I know half of yall prly didn’t read all of this, but this is for the pep who our really interested in what they are representing. When someone asks “What is the Taboo”, I don’t like when people reply tht we are a “Sex Group”….yes true enough we are some freaky mofos but this group represents way more than sex…..I could actually write all day about other things we reperesent…. But just know tht the Taboo is also a place where you don’t have to be a rapper, rockstar or pornstar, to have an amazing sex life…….

Now I don’t know if you grasp just how utterly ridiculous the video happens to be. Maybe in your mind I’m just a typical old dude hatin’ on the activities of young folk. Yeah, you know, just like our parents and grandparents did to us back in the day? Although I haven’t been to a nightclub in some years, trust me, I’m definitely not that guy. As a matter of fact, everyone who knows me will tell you that I’m the guy who will forever stay young at heart; heck, most of them will tell you that I don’t even look my age. Be that as it may, this stuff is out of control; and as far as “community organization,” the group Team Taboo needs their asses kicked for this bullshit. I’m gonna warn you, this isn’t safe for work; again, the following is very explicit; and shouldn’t be viewed around children:


Yeah, I could see a rape case developing at one of these parties…

Now I don’t know if any laws were broken, but I’m willing to bet that many were. First of all, the party was open to folks 18 and older. Now I don’t know how things are where you may live, but strip clubs here in Memphis are strictly open to adults 21-years-old and above. And you wanna hear something even crazier? I showed the video to my 18-year-old daughter who’s on her way to college next semester in Atlanta of all places, as a teachable moment. She was just as stunned as I was after viewing it; and, even more shocking is that she recognized a few kids that attend the high school she recently graduated. Yep, and she also noted that some of them were younger than her.

So yeah, I’d say there were laws broken. The one good thing, however, is that I know my daughter refuses to attend or participate in any fuction foolishness that mirrors anything like Team Taboo has produced here in Memphis, in Atlanta, or anywhere. I don’t know about you, but I’m comfortable knowing what my kid is up to; unfortunately, there are a lot of parents who cannot say that they are.

At the end of the day I don’t know who to blame, nor can I figure out just how we got here. I do know that this isn’t a “black thing” as much as some may make it out to be; or an example of one of the many pathological issues associated with the lived African-American experience. No, this isn’t a direct result of a lack of education, poverty, or single motherhood often used to explain dysfunctional and destructive behavior. Instead, I see this as a societal problem; a problem which if anything, exacerbated by explosion the internet, in an attempt to feed our already voyeuristic nature, now more than ever. I could be wrong, and I’m open to correction by way of a discussion; but, at the end of the day it’s about corrective action.

Am I right, or am I right:

But hey, don’t tell that to the folks on Twitter who obviously approve.