Romney Adviser Says Individual Mandate “Not A Tax”

Before I get to Romney adviser Eric Fehrnstrom’s revelation that the individual mandate is not a tax and Romney agrees…

The last thing I wanted to talk about today was the ongoing debate over last weeks Supreme Court ruling on Obamacare. I’ve written about it enough here and here; but, then Mitch McConnell spoke on Fox News Sunday yesterday. Speaking to host Chris Wallace, when asked about the “repeal and replace” meme circulating in GOP circles, McConnell said (and I’m paraphrasing here) that the GOP is not interested in providing insurance coverage to the 30 million uninsured that Obama’s plan would cover. He also added that the American health care system was the finest in the world; but don’t tell that to the 50 million currently uninsured citizens across the country.

For me, coming from McConnell this isn’t a shocker. Heck, if you have ever listened to him speak, you get the impression that he chews tobacco, drinks moonshine, and beats slaves all at the same time; no seriously, I think he keeps a few left-over slaves in a shed out back. After all, he is one of the good ole boys from Kentucky. According to, in 2010 Kentucky had a total of 655,100 non-elderly residents uninsured, with 24 percent of them living between 139 and 250 percent above the federal poverty line. McConnell has an estimated net worth of $17 million dollars.

Mitt Romney speaks to campaign adviser, Eric Fuhrstom

Now this falls right in line with Mitt Romney’s position of Obamacare resulting in a “massive tax.” An assertion that fuels the repeal and replace meme given that the new law imposes a new tax on everyone as Republicans would have us believe. Of course that false logic has already been debunked. However, to properly define Mitt’s position, top campaign adviser Eric Fehrnstrom said, “The governor disagreed with the ruling of the Court,” and added, “he agreed with the dissent, which was written by Justice Scalia, which very clearly stated that the mandate was not a tax.” Okay, are you with me so far? Yes, Romney said it was a tax, everyone on the right says it’s a tax, but Romney’s top adviser says Mitt disagrees with himself and believes that the individual mandate is not a tax. Okay, are you confused just yet? Yes, I figured you would be. Well, watch the video below to figure it out if you can; pay attention closely, because this is getting confusing.

This via Think Progross: