Iggy Azalea Doesn’t Understand the Use the Term “Becky”

Iggy Azalea has found another way to keep her name out there on the internet. No, it is not about her swift rise-and-fall within hip-hop that took less than a couple of years. Nor is there some issue about who Nick Young is/isn’t cheating on her with. Surprisingly, it isn’t some sub par attempt at regaining her clout that she quickly lost on her own accord. In short, Iggy Azalea is not in the news for the things that are typically associated with her.

Iggy Azelea

Instead, we get to see her share her time lamenting about the racial effects of the term “Becky” on white women. I kid you not with this.




So, let me get this straight: Iggy Azalea took offense to the “Becky with the good hair” line because she thought it was a reference to white women. Also, she doesn’t like the connotation of “Becky” being associated with oral sex. You know: Becky is that dirty, racist term for oral sex that demoralizes all white women and cause them pain, strife, and depression? Yes, that term.

Iggy Azalea Understands Very Little

All sarcasm aside, I just think that Iggy is (once again) confused as hell with what is going on in the world. Don’t get me wrong; I do respect her opinion on being called out of her name. And yes, the term “Becky” does refer to the stereotypical side of things. Automatically, when many Black people think of “Becky” they think of a white woman. Still, it should be comical that all of this conversation is coming due to a song that isn’t referencing a white woman (from my knowledge). Thus, Iggy has understandable feelings within the wrong context.

Additionally, if there was some real reference given to the situation then there would be a better understanding of how off Iggy Azalea really is:

1.) Becky was a really popular baby name decades ago: Many babies were named Beckyback in the 1980’s and 1990’s. It was usually ranked toward the top of names chosen (from the 600’s to 900’s). However, that popularity has waned for some apparent reason. Still, that gives a context as to why that name was given, and used, to reference white women.

2.) White women are, on average, more likely to perform oral sex than Black or Hispanicwomen. The National Health Statistics Reports took a survey back in 2012 on sexual behaviors. What they found was interesting: 69% of women had oral sex while 59% was for Hispanic and 63% was for Black. But that isn’t all, I’m afraid. 49% of white women surveyed stated they had oral sex before they had vaginal intercourse. Only 37% of Hispanic and 27% of Black women could say the same. Thus, the nickname Becky for “oral sex” isn’t some assumption. White women are more likely to have oral sex.

3.) Being called “Becky” isn’t going to do very much. How much of Iggy Azalea’s life is to be affected by the term “Becky”? I’m sorry, but “Becky” and “nigger” will never be on the same level. Iggy can hit me up when she loses a limb, life, or finds her life hindered because someone thinks of her as a “Becky”. Otherwise, she can be offended but the comparisons don’t equate.

Iggy Azalea Will Get It One Day

In the end, Iggy Azalea will understand one day. She will realize that “Becky” doesn’t hold much weight. Sure, she can be offended and I can respect that. However, the name comes from a strain of truth in action. Also, I don’t imagine her losing her job because she is considered a “Becky”. Now only if we could get her to understand why her music career fell off.