Coffee: An Erotica Short Story


Year 3017

Can I tell you about the night I lost my mind?????

I’d say it was a stormy night and all that jazz but it was actually a balmy summer evening that we met.  She was unlike any woman I have ever known.  She was an impossibility, compiled of all my lusts.  Her brewed coffee eyes made me steam with anticipation.

Just this once.

Just this once I could have her.

It had been ordained since the ability to scientifically design and birth a grown human that 1 day was all we were allowed to experience them.  They made it this way so that we could not love our creations, which would eventually kill us off.

The truth is that we loved them anyway.  How can you not love that which you created?

She walked to me with a blues singers gait, her eyes like eclipses, never revealing too much, opening and closing to me.

Her.. Why do I keep calling her, her..?  Her name is Nile.  I named her for how I designed her mannerisms…. fluid.  Nile swung her waist length dreads behind her and my heart skipped at the sight of her skin.  She was the bluest black with skin that the light leaped against as if she had swallowed the moon.

I wanted her to look like creation.  I wanted to love and make love to life itself.    She pressed her lips together with secrets that only mine could request be revealed.  I could not even stand up to meet her.  My feet were leaden with desire and hope.  She crawled into my lap, her hips wide like the Earth and I could almost taste her pulse.

She even smelled as I asked…like rain.  I pushed my face into her long neck and breathed while trying to fight back tears that this was happening. Nile began to whisper in her velvet voice a poem.

C’mere honey… Let me rub some love into your scalp.

Coerce thoughts out of you.

And dub myself subliminally over your tongue.

So we moan synced.

Let me nestle in your body’s coves.

And dub you haven.

Someday you’ll evolve into inserting an E.

But for now baby..Just let me read you.

Until, I’ve dog-eared soul.

And fashion myself to your idea of loves….mold.

I could not breathe. It was if she had vacuumed the air out of the room and possessed it for doling if I asked. I wanted to show her life but all I had was one day to give her an idea of the living, so I took her to what I know to be divine.

I took her to the water.

She marveled at the sand on her feet although she had embedded knowledge of it existence, she could not believe how it felt.  I took her hand and we walked for miles alongside the sea orgasming against the shore, in wet foamy passion.

The day got away with us talking and walking and her crying at the sunset.  It swallowed itself before her eyes in sherbet pastels.  She kept saying she was afraid it would never come back.  I wanted to tell her it would, but for her it would not.

As night crept over us and the moon appeared, she asked if the sun had taken off it’s clothes.  I kissed her then.  I took her pillowy lips into mine and sucked her lower lip.  I wanted to drown in her wonder.  Her heartbeat sped as I moved my body into hers.  Her skin temperature rose to a fiery height and I let her engulf me.

We fell to the ground, her lips crushing mine.  She pinned back my arms.  Usually one to be aggressive I almost fought her, but I needed her to take me.  I needed to feel the summation of my lust wanting me back.

She ripped my skirt to expose my breasts already spilling out of my bra, begging for her.  Nile leaned all the way back while straddling me, pinning me to the sand and she ground herself against me.  I became wetter than the ocean beside us.  She bit my neck with the right amount of pressure to make my legs shake and the throbbing between my thighs cry for mercy.

The temperature of us would have shamed the sun, but we were doing this for the moon.  The moon has no shame and neither did she.

She felt so right that I had to fight myself to stop her.  I grabbed her hand and pulled her to the lifeguard tower.  Breaking the lock with the force of the hulk like passion flowing through my veins, I began to lay out towels but she grabbed me.  She could not bear the wait and I could not tell her no.

She thrust her sweet tongue into my mouth and I sucked it, swallowing her. We moved to the ground, our deep seated need to please the other professionally wrestling.  She won.

She traced jellyfish soft circles around my nipples while I raised my hips to her.  I could not keep my hands out of her hair, that long gorgeous hair falling around us in waves, brushing my lips.

She kissed lower and lower until she met my jeans which she only pulled halfway down my legs.  She got beneath them and pushed her head between the opening she’d made.  She did not tease my pussy, she licked long swift licks up and down and then bit my thigh.  My legs were restricted in this position she’d created, shaking midair but I could not kick.

She sucked with passion, before softly circling my clit with her tongue.  I could feel her in my stomach, the want in me creating butterflies with effects cross the world.  The sound of the water outside crashing as she licked and sucked me turned me on.  It was all so beautifully wet.

My knees started to shake as she found a stroke pattern of semi circles that had me clinging to my own hair with one hand and squeezing my nipple with the other.

I erupted  like a volcano, hot wetness in her mouth.  She licked me clean, being gentle as I recovered.

I removed my jeans and got on top of her..taking her toes into my mouth.  I worshipped her.  I licked them softly going in and out and sucking them while caressing her wetness with my other hand.   She trembled like she was cold but her skin was so hot.  Her skin was so mind numbingly hot.

I licked my way up her thighs.  I kissed her pussy.  I kissed it with love a single time while looking up at her.   She smiled and her teeth lit up the room.   I made my way to her mouth.  I needed her mouth.  I bit and licked her lower lip while gripping her to me before I turned her over to lick trails up and down her beautiful back.

I gripped her hair and neck up to me before I slipped two fingers so deep inside her that she came immediately.  Still I did not let go, I played in her wet slow, slipping my fingers all the way out and then a centimeter in, then an inch, then all the way out.  She bucked her round ass back against me and I put my hand on her shoulder to brace her for me.  I began to fuck her deeply with them.  Her moans decorated the night like stars while I pushed my fingers into her while pulling her to me so she could only take me, over and over.  She had no choice.

I used my body, pressed against my hand so she could feel my breasts then while I flattened myself on top of her.  My fingers still deep inside her I  turned my hand palm down, so I curved to her g-spot.  She yelped and I knew that I found it.  I toyed with it..massaging it into submission and her thighs jerked in spasms as she came crying loud enough for the moon to hear.  Her wetness was so welcome.

She turned over to kiss me, her lips still shaking and I held her to me.  Her heartbeat did not slow.  She got hotter and hotter in my hands.  I felt my own heart sinking.  The “heat” always came before the end.  I kissed her deeply, and could see the tears in her eyes.

“I don’t want to leave you” she said.

I clung to her so tightly until the heat was too much for us both and she had to walk out into the water.  It was not long before she became a part of it.  There she was just washing up on my feet, now only a broken glowstick appearing liquid.

I stood there naked crying until people reported it.  I kept begging for her, asking for her.. Crying and screaming.

I wanted to die.

If I could not have her I did not want to be.

I tried to drown myself, tying weights to my feet and jumping but was saved against my will.   It was not long before they committed me.

I write her letters every day.

I draw her picture on everything, but I can’t get her eyes right.

I can’t get her eyes right…

I scream at them to get me coffee..

I need coffee..

I need the coffee so that I can get the color right.

I need to see her eyes again…..

@NikkiDaVinci is a talented poet and writer from Oklahoma City, OK.

This dynamic woman is a Punany Poet and certified troublemaker. See more of her and her work at Lips of DaVinci and Facebook. Her first book of erotica titled, The Nikki DaVinci Code, is available on Amazon in ebook and paperback. Read the Q & A with Tracy Renee Jones for more information.