Homophobia: Yes, Let’s Embrace #HeterosexualPrideDay

Let’s talk about homophobia, shall we?

I woke up to find out that ‪#‎HeterosexualPrideDay‬ is a thing. Now, I’m not sure who the genius behind this needed celebration might be. However, it’s about time that someone stood up for closeted homosexuals.

I’m not sure if “Heterosexual Pride Day” is new, or not. Nor do I know just how long it has been an essential day of observance dedicated to the sexuality of allegedly straight folk. However, it being Pride Month – the month wherein the revolutionary act of homosexuals coming out of the closet is celebrated – it’s awesome to see that someone had the foresight to declare at least one day to the straights. After all, what would Pride Month or the celebration of gay pride be, without your everyday, garden-variety homophobia? So, because life is about silver linings and unintended consequences, it is for this reason, that “Heterosexual Pride Day” is necessary. Yes, because just like the racists, xenophobes, and bigots of the world would have it, we must be reminded that they exist.

And just think, “Heterosexual Pride Day” comes to us only a few weeks removed from the worst mass shooting in United States history. A shooting in Orlando, Florida, at a gay nightclub that saw the death of 49 patrons and the wounding of 53 others, at the hands of a deranged man full of hate. Bad timing? No. Because what better time is there to remind us that homophobia is alive and well in the United States of America?

Thankfully, some of my friends on Twitter understand this point:






See? This is why “Heterosexual Pride day” is necesary. The above tweets are just a tiny sample of the people who, unlike our homophobic friends, actually get what the whole oppression thing is about.

Speaking of homophobia, why don’t we end this on a positive note.

By now I’m sure you’re aware of the Brexit vote and Britain’s decision to leave the European Union. If you’re not aware, just understand that the impetus for the need to leave the EU came from anti-immigrant bigots, racists, and xenophobes. These are people who largely have a problem with brown-skinned people; people who, because of their bigotry, have put England on a path to economic peril with far-reaching global implications.

This, of course, may have you questioning the humanity of our British cousins. However, fear not, my good friend. The bigots in the UK may have caused you to question humanity with the Brexit‬ vote. However, watching this video below of a social experiment meant to expose homophobia in the UK, might restore what faith in humanity you may have lost as a result. It’s really a reminder that there are still many good people in this ugly world of ours. Folks, that fact is something that we should keep in mind in spite of the ugliness we see around us.