You Look So Dumb Right Now

You know, us Black folks are a trip. We cheer for O.J. Simpson when he beat his murder rap, but we boo R. Kelly when he beat his child molestation charges. Ok, maybe that wasn’t exactly where I meant to go with that one. Yeah, fuck R. Kelly and his non-potty trained ass and his fetish for 14yr old girls.

Ok, lemme try this again.

We talk shit about Chris Brown and all wanna beat his ass for beating up Rihanna, but nobody says jack about Gospel singer BeBe Winans getting arrested for flipping out on his ex-wife, and beating her down when he went to pick up his kids, at her house.

Uh huh, and now, people are talking shit about Rihanna because she has decided to reconcile with Chris Brown and get back together. Hell, even Oprah with her ass is on the bandwagon. Didn’t that bitch beat Harpo’s ass back in the day? And stayed with his simple ass?

Ok, yeah, so it was only a movie; I understand. But back to my point: We ridicule Rihanna for still wanting to be with Chris, but yet we supported Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston and their dysfunctional union for years. Now ain’t that a trip Black people?

Rihanna is silly for standing by her man, but it was acceptable for Whitney to stay married to Bobby and have fights over who’s hiding the last crack rock? And lets not mention all of Bobby Brown’s arrests. Speaking of which, WTF is up with these Negroes with the last name Brown? Master Brown musta been a muthafucka! Hell even the great Jim Brown slapped his woman around some years ago.

At any rate, I wanted to share something from a fellow blogger that goes by the name Verbal X from the blog V’s Spot. I thought it to be a very good blog in response to the situation. I happen to agree with pretty much everything he has to say on this. I’d like you to check it out and lemme know what you think. Don’t be afraid to disagree; nobody’s gonna assault you for it; my last name isn’t Brown.

In Defense of Chris Brown and Rihanna

By Verbal X

I got into this debate last night about the reports that Chris Brown and Rihanna are back together after he threw some blows on her. Of the people that I was arguing with, not one of them was content that the two were trying to work things out. Except one person. Me. So of course, I came off as the bad guy, because it looked like I was okay with him beating up his woman. I’d like to take this moment to publicly defend myself and the couple, knowing good and damn well I’m probably in the minority. First off, I’m not cool with beating up your woman. Let me make that crystal clear. If a woman puts you in the position where you even think about what it would be like to leave your handprint on her face (let alone actually doing it), you shouldn’t be in that relationship. Had he done that to anyone in my family or any of my friends, he wouldn’t be singing or dancing anymore. Maybe he’d be limping instead and sounding like a smoker who has that machine attached to their throat after I was done with him. But that’s not the point. That said, I’m going to say it like this – if Rihanna wants to work it out with him, more power to her. If not, that’s completely understandable too. But there isn’t a person on this planet, man or woman, and at least at this point in THEIR relationship, that should feel like berating her for HER choice. I’ll give you three big reasons that we should stay the f*ck out of their lives. 1) How many of you people have ever cheated on your boo? Go on… raise your hands. No one will see you. Now… how many of you wish like hell that you never did that? Still holding your hands up I see… good. Now how many of you are so glad that your hunny took you back after you f*cked up? Wow… no hands went down. Surprising. Guess what? You are now in the same boat as Chris Brown. Whether it’s cheating, smacking your man or woman, stealing his or her sh*t, plain old actin a fool or whatever… he f*cked up to the level that his relationship should/could end, and you’ve been there too. And he knows he f*cked up. And because he’s human, just like EVERYONE else, he’s bound to f*ck up in his life. Jeez, Chris is only 19 and she JUST turned 21… both young and still learning! Just because he f*cks up doesn’t mean that he shouldn’t be forgiven and should remain in a life of solitude. None of us were there when it happened or have the back-story, so just accept the fact that both he and Rihanna are mortal people who make emotional decisions too… not all of which are the smartest. And EVERYONE deserves a second chance at some point in their lives. We are not the ones to decide which people should or should not get them. 2) Speaking of them being human, why the hell do we put celebrities on a f*cking pedestal? They have money. Our kids sing their songs. They smiled when we asked for an autograph. He looks great in the new Calvin Klein ad. So what?? The tiny bit we know about celebrities is just that – a tiny bit. We don’t know what they’re really like, so we shouldn’t assume that just because a m*thaf*cka dances with the Cheetah Girls on the Disney Channel, he should be held to a moral standard far above any that we are already on. Celebrities are just as likely to be addicts, nymphos, pyros, cleptos, or woman beaters as anyone else. Just get over yourselves, and realize that he’s a celebrity, but first and foremost, he’s a person too… for better or worse. Shame on anyone who thought for a second that he, or any other celebrity, was on a higher plain than the rest of us and are judging them accordingly. You should be publicly beaten for that. 3) We don’t know the whole story. Period. And, again, I don’t say that to condone what he did. But we really don’t. And we shouldn’t know the story, because it’s not our business (i.e. f*ck the media for making them stars, then bringing them down the way that they’ve tried). We don’t know if Chris Brown has a history of smacking women, or if it was his first time. We don’t know if Rihanna has a history of relationships with woman-beaters, or if it was her first time. We don’t know if there was a text message that started the whole thing… and if there was, we don’t know what it said. All we can do is assume from the tiny little fragments of information that have come out. And since we don’t know the whole story, we don’t know why she’s taking him back. All we should do is live our own damn lives without passing judgment on others, even if the others in the spotlight make it really easy for us to judge them. Here’s my message to the two – you both have issues just like the rest of the world. I hope that both of you are able to move past this ugly mess as stronger people – and I don’t care if you do it with or without each other. Just please realize that violence isn’t needed and that it shouldn’t be tolerated. Stop reading the papers that judge your actions and just do the best that you can do.