You know the economy is bad when Suge Knight goes around robbing broke rappers

Anybody who reads this blog on the regular can tell you how much I highlight the plight of the urban negro in these economic times. As if we needed more proof and justification for a true jobs bill. In steps Marion “Suge” Knight. A name that in-spite of being knocked the fuck out by virtually unknown patrons at night clubs, still invokes fear. Yep, just ask Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg; I think they both still sit down to pee in their own homes because of the bald bully.

Check out what Suge who at last count only had $11 in his bank account has been up to lately; and yet another reason Obama n’em better make it happen with a jobs bill:
Suge Knight is a wanted man once again. The former Death Row Records head honcho allegedly beat and robbed rapper Yukmouth last night … law enforcement sources tell TMZ.

Sources say it all went down at around 10 PM at a Ralph’s supermarket in the San Fernando Valley.

According to a law enforcement source, Suge and roughly 10 members of his posse allegedly beat up Yukmouth and then took $92,000 worth of jewelry from him.

Sources say Suge and his entourage are suspects and cops want to question them.

We’re also told there’s a previous misdemeanor warrant out for Suge’s arrest — which makes it unlikely he’ll visit the police department. (source)Fuck is up with that Marion? Outside of a Supermarket? Posted up and knocking folks in the head these days? What, are you trynna get your street cred back after taking those ass-whoopins outside the club?

Forget that question. What’s more important is how is Yukmouth able to afford $92, 000 worth of Jewelry? I mean there’s no way he still has “I Got Five On It” money, especially after you adjust for inflation. Does Suge really think that cat still has $5 on it?

Well, only if he’s doing those things that niggas certain citizens do to get by, I suppose. Which leads to another question: When did “gangsta rappers” start calling the cops and pressing charges? ‘Sup with that Yukmouth?

See Barack, the streets ain’t safe anymore, son! And until Negroes have jobs it’s only gonna get worse. If Suge is gonna do that to broke-ass rappers. What do y’all think he’s gonna do to regular folks like me and you, and all the old ladies out there as they cash their checks and go grocery shopping? Watch ya back, folks.