Why yes Bill O’Reilly, Dr. Marc Lamont Hill does kinda look like a cocaine dealer

I used to watch Bill O’Reilly on Fox regularly a few years ago. Oh don’t get mad at me for admitting that. It was somewhat of a training exercise for me. I mean with “Jim Crow” and racism officially dead. I would watch his show just so I could stay on my toes; you know, being the best racism chaser that I am, right?

See I worked with and around nothing but white folks in an everyday professional office setting. And not that I needed conversational pieces to properly interact with them. I watched Bill so I could be able to spot the racist assholes from a mile away. You know, the ones who made it a point to mention just how many black friends they have?

Unlike my man Chauncey DaVega, who has an official “Be White for a Day” retreat from time to time. An exercise where he pretends to be white for a day to see how life is on the other side. I would watch Bill O’Reilly every night religiously to pretty much learn the ways of, well, “certain people”. Yes, Bill O’Reilly was my Drunken Master when it came to schooling me on the art of communicating the best racial etiquette, as only the privileged can..

Alright, having said all of that, check him out in a discussion with Dr. Marc Lamont Hill the other night. I have no idea why Dr. Hill punishes himself time and time again by appearing on his show. Clearly he doesn’t need the money; but, maybe he’s like me and is conducting some social experiment up close and personal. Damn if only I could be so lucky! But anyway, check them out as they discussed the situation down on the border with “illegal immigrants”, and the deployment of troops by Barack Obama:

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