Why I Can’t, and Won’t with Sex and the City II

I am not afraid or ashamed to admit that I was into Sex and the City back in the day.  Matter of fact, the last episode had me a crying mess.  Don’t get me wrong, I knew the show was shitty in a diversity sense, even with Blair Underwood’s brief stint, but I still watched.  It was fluff and it was cute.

When I heard there was a movie in 2008, I really gave it the side eye even with Jennifer Hudson on it.  I just didn’t feel like we needed to see women who had clearly aged (and most not so well) engaging in young girl hoe shit.  I could get with it when I believed they were in their Thirties.

Unfortunately, these women are not impressing me anymore because at a certain age, there are just certain things that you should have in order.  Be single or not.  Be married or not.  I could not bear to see women my mother’s age or damned close dealing with things women MY age might be dealing with.

So I knew that I was not about to see a SATC2 movie for that reason, but then come the reports of their overtly flaunting of their white privilege and their American ignorance in a Muslim city not well renown for its esteem for women’s rights.

As usual the people of color are relegated to the side as accessories and props to make these women look good.  I mean, I guess they need they need all the help they can get, but still… I find it distressing that with all of the issues women, especially women of color, face all over, particularly in various countries in Africa and the Middle East, that they put this tripe out for our entertainment.

How the hell how am I supposed to enjoy a romp with these old crows when I know damned well that while they are living it up, plenty more women are not and are stuck under the yoke of an oppressive patriarchy?

I knew they were incapable of being anything but shallow — both the movie and the people who produced it — but this, for me, is just ridiculous and thoroughly outdated. There is nothing sexy or metropolitan or even stylish about a movie that totally ignores and glamorizes a place that would probably punish the characters in real life for their immaturity and indiscretions.