Whose Dick is This? Uhh, Yours Anthony?

by Eco.Soul.Intellectual

The age of the social media highway is quite intriguing. A dick here, a dick there, and a dick on Twitter. Thanks to Congressman Anthony Weiner who just admitted he has an obsessive proclivity for showing his man parts to random women, has also defied the rule of thumb to step down.

In an unconvincing apology, Weiner declared that he will continue operating in his Congressional position in a raw-dog riding stallion sort-a-way. Pun intended.

Is Weiner attempting to stop the trend of outted public officials (and pastors) who can’t deny their embedded stank-freakiness due to photographic evidence and silently leave (or settle a lawsuit) in disgrace?

I bet is favorite position is Doggystyle, that little porn star.

Twitter/Facebook is this addictive. A quick fix for attention whores to skeet erotic chauvinism. A portal where arrogant pricks who should represent the moral measure of this country, can now violate that code of conduct and then refuse to give up the leadership they have rebuffed.

Why do dickheads such as Weiner get all the fun? There go those effing Democrats always messing up when it comes to some poontang, or trying to get it.

I mean for real, if you look at the history of Democrats, sex scandals are their Trojan Horse. And lets get it straight, its usually the white men. They need to holler at one of the brothers and learn how to keep side pieces and freak-a-lique behavior on the L.

However, according to political experts, Weiner’s political career had come to a halt anyway. His attempt to become the Mayor of Gotham already was plagued with two strikes and an NYC political scene where local Dems didn’t give to shits and an erection about Weiner in the first place.

Nonetheless, do you think that he is not fully taking responsibility for showing his Hebrew National almost busting out of his poon-poon drawers?