When Pop Sluts Attack: “I Hope He Used a Rubber, Or I’ma Be In Trouble”

I remember when 3LW came out. I was like 17 years old or 18 years old and stationed in California. Their first single “No More (Baby, I’ma Do Right)” was so cute. I mean it was perfect for my little teenaged ass. I mean I dug it. Fast forward a decade later, and Adrienne Bailon did some “hoe shit” to get some attention (and failed), and now here comes Kiely Williams (aka The Fast One) with this new song called “Spectacular.”

I’ve heard some irresponsible songs in my lifetime, but this one literally takes the cake. Here are the lyrics for YOUR perusal:

Last night I was drunk
I don’t remember much
But What I do constant pictures
That’s how goine I was
but he was tall and he was buying
So I gae him a trying
Said he was like a stallion
And the man wansn’t lying

Last I remember I was face down
A$$ up, clothes off, broke off, dozed off
Even though I’m not sure of his name
He could get it again if he wanted
Cause the sex was spectacular
The sex was spectacular (yeaaah)
The sex was spectacular
The sex was spectacular

So it was the morning after
I couldn’t get home faster
Doing the walk of shame
In the same clothes from yesterday
I think he pulled a track out
When he was blowing my back out
What was I drinking
I can’t believe I blacked out

You can say what you want but
You can call me a slut but
What he did to me last night felt so good
I must have been on drugs
I hope he used a rubber
Or Imma be in trouble

Promise I don’t remember
Except for ___________

Give it to me, Give it to me
Ooh baby what a ride ride
Oh ride ride
So smooth like it beats
I like the heat
Ooh baby what a night night
right right

Excuse my words, but are you f*cking kidding me? Y’all don’t hear me though, so let me get the The CDC to rap to ya:
HIV/AIDS in 2007

Blacks accounted for 51% of the 42, 655 (including children) new HIV/AIDS diagnoses in 34 states with long-term, confidential name-based HIV reporting [3].
Blacks accounted for 48% of the 551,932 persons* (including children) living with HIV/AIDS in 34 states with long-term, confidential name-based HIV reporting [3].
For black women living with HIV/AIDS, the most common methods of transmission were high-risk heterosexual contact** and injection drug use [3].

If anyone believes that people are not seriously influenced by pop culture, and the type of musical f*ckery that is churned out to feed the tastes of sexually depraved, deprived and ignorant people, then officially hook me and my family up to the first thing smoking to Mars or the Moon, because I officially quit this bitch.

Mind you those stats were revised in August of 2009, so they’re still pretty accurate.

“I hope he used a rubber, or I’ma be in trouble?” Trouble? As if chlamydia, gonorrhea, HIV, AIDS, syphillis, herpes, genital warts or the cancer causing HPV could be classified simply as “trouble.” How about life ending? How about disastrous? How about painful?

Some time ago I was attacked for calling Beyonce “slutty” after watching her sad sack ass video for “Video Phone.” I stand by my statement then and I stand by it now, and I am adding Kiely Williams’ dumb ass to the barrel of bum, lame broads who have no business singing or being put in a position to influence anyone with their bullshit. We are living in a RAPE/PORN CULTURE. Men AND women have the most unusual ideas about what love and sex are. The men expect us to behave like the chicks in the pornos, and the women expect the men to do everything for them, while they bitch and moan about being independent.

I get tired of some “women” talking about how drunk they are and making excuses for their stupidity because of their aforementioned “inebriation.” Whether we like it or not, right now there are far too many girls without a father in their life, and with mothers who could give a shit, who are looking at media to help them find themselves. God help us if these girls find Kiely Williams and actually take heed…

When will black artists finally appreciate and respect black youth enough to think before they speak? When will we organize a massive enough movement to shut these dumb bastards down?

Years ago, I heard Taalam Acey’s “Market 4 Niggaz” and realized that he had coined the perfect term for the shit they call black music these days. I’d like to coin a new term: “Market 4 Bitches” and you can put Kiely Williams (and Cassie, and Nicki Minaj, and all the other music whores for propaganda) in that category. There’s no market for smart black women. There’s no market for respect, or true sensuality and sexuality.

Black girls don’t DESERVE that.

They just deserve music from the “Market 4 Bitches” that says that you can have reckless sex, a bazillion baby daddies, go on Maury to find out which ones fathered your gang of kids, get drunk, high and stupid, act a fool in public, get angry at the world for YOUR mistakes, and then call everyone a “hater” for being offended at your shenanigans. No, Kiely. You’re not a slut. That’s actually a compliment. You’re just an irresponsible pig with no heart, and no fucking principles.

P.S. And according to the lyrics, this chicken was raped. Mmmm, rape! What fun! Because rape sex is SOOO spectacular.