When Keeping it Real Goes Wrong: Black Women Fighting in Fast Food Restaurants

OK Black people, more specifically Black women, um, let’s talk. Yeah, we got some things to sort out or discuss quick fast in a hurry. I can’t operate this blog pointing out the silly shit that white folks do and ignore y’all; if I did, I’d be a hypocrite like the fools we put on blast here. Besides, some of the stuff I’ve been seeing y’all do lately actually makes it harder for us professional racism chasers to do our jobs; as such, our community loses as the conversation never gets past how some of us act in public. Or how much of a scourge upon society we are.

22yr Old Stacy Mattews

OK, now that I got that out of the way, lemme ask: what the fuck is up with all these Black women fighting in McDonald’s restaurants all of a sudden? Oh, yu noticed that too? Good, because I didn’t wanna be the only one bewildered by this new phenomenon. Not that Black women fighting in public, pulling out weaves, ripping each others shirts off and having wardrobe malfunctions is anything new. Hell, they post that shit on YouTube all day err’day (do a search). But lately – actually in recent weeks – McDonald’s seems like the spot for sistas to pop off.

Now I’ono if all this is happening because y’all are taking Steve Harvey’s book, “Think Like A Thug, Act like A Nigga” seriously. Or, if the it’s just that the word is finally out that most female reality show stars are secretly found at fast food restaurants acting a fool (that last option I’m not sure of, but I’m waiting on the folks at Bravo to get back to me on it; yes, RiPPa cares about the stereotypical images of white women in reality shows so he called with many soon to be answered questions ‘cuz that’s how he rolls). But at any rate, something’s gotta give because, well, frankly the shit is ridiculous.

If it ain’t a chick in a bikini going ape-shit and tearing up a Florida Burger King. It’s a couple of chicks (one of them 14yrs old) beating a 22yr old Transgender epileptic male into a seizure in Baltimore. Or a group of sistas breaking out into a brawl at last week’s McDonald’s job fair in Cleveland where innocent bystanders were ran over in the parking by the getaway car. Of course these are three isolated incidents; but damn, they all made national headlines, and they were at fast food restaurants. Is there something in the food to make Black women snap?

18yr Old Teona Monae Brown

NOTE: The 18yr old arrested in the Baltimore incident was arrested at the same restaurant for assault last year (read it here).

More importantly, they were all caught on tape, uploaded to YouTube, and have since gone viral. In case you don’t know just what that means. Millions of people across the world have watched these videos and made them popular. Which means, supposedly normal people love watching this type of stuff. Which I don’t understand for the life of me, because mud wrestling and G.L.O.W. ain’t even popular anymore like it used to be. But all of a sudden, the girl-fight thing is all the rage across America via cellphones and the innanets.

I’ono, I could be wrong, but somewhere along the line voyeurism took a sick turn as more and more people are turned on by snatched weaves and the occasional popped out titty. Of course I don’t see anything sexy or sexually arousing about something like that, but as perverted as we are, I’m sure somebody is getting their rocks off. And thus the reason folks are into shows like Bad Girls Club or watching Nene Leakes pee on the heads of other women and her homosexual best friends, much to the delight of millions of viewers.

Yeah, as a society, we’re sick like that; and, we’ve developed a fetish for angry-loudmouth-trashy-bitches via media outlets and the internet, who are willing to toss decorum to the wind. So, is it that in our quest for “keeping it real,” that females – black females in pare violent than ever? Moreover, what does it say about the folks – oftentimes men – who are quick turn on a camera phone and laugh while filming? Are we that turned on by the primal yet animalistic behavior of women, and is this a good thing? I’m not suggesting that said behavior is exclusive to Black women; however, I don’t hear white women running around upset about the “angry white woman,” stereotype, do they?