Is it me or does anyone see the dramatic irony in a White guy named Madoff ripping off people to the tune of $50 billion dollars? Wasn’t his last name a dead giveaway? Seriously, I think I’d be looking at dude with the side eye as I gave him any of my money. His last name is MADE OFF for crying out loud.

Speaking of names…

Governor Rod “Big Boy Burger” Blagojevich (say that shit real fast three times as you look in the mirror and money will mysteriously appear — I promise) by vote, will be impeached. Whooptiefuckindoo! Its not like we didn’t see that one coming. What was surprising to me were the results of the vote to impeach him. It was a decisive vote: 114-1. Of course its not surprising that it was a landslide, the freakin FEDS caught his ass on tape. Whats surprising is that there was one dude who voted against impeachment. And ho is he? Representative Milton Patterson of the great state of Illinois.

Ok first off, he’s a Black man with the first name Milton. Right there alone he sounds like a sucker. I mean I don’t know the guy, and he may very well be a good guy. But when you say that you don’t think there was enough evidence to impeach the man, you’re an idiot. My bad, not an idiot. That was harsh, maybe he hasn’t been watching the news. But fuck it, he is an idiot. Why? Because he said that he didn’t feel like it was his job to vote to impeach a governor. No shit, thats what this guy said!

Really Milton? My bad, sure its not your job. Maybe they should have had that one old black janitor stand in for you and vote instead (sure Illinois is the land of Lincoln, but I’m sure that one of his slaves from back in the day is now a janitor). I’m sure said old Black janitor knows his job, and would have appreciated the opportunity to do the job of a STATE REPRESENTATIVE unlike you. Oh my bad, you didn’t know that was in the job description? How about they kick your dumbass out of your seat and have Roland Burris sit in it instead. At least he’s a gung ho show up to work kinda guy.

I don’t know, but maybe Milton just didn’t wanna bite the hand that fed him. Maybe it was him who was “allegedly” slated to purchase the appointment to Obama’s vacated seat. Just from his statements to the press, it sure makes him suspect. Not enough evidence? Hell, thats like saying it wasn’t R. Kelley on the sex tape. Or that wasn’t Marion Barry smoking crack, it was a White dude! There’s no way this man can be that foolish. Either that, or Blagojevich is like Debo from the movie Friday; he is kinda gangsta. Maybe Milton was just scared he was gonna get knocked the fuck out? Seriously, the name Milton just doesn’t sell too much street cred now does it.