Like most of you, I made it through Christmas unscathed. Though modest, this year in comparison to others, our family had a good time. It was my 1yr old’s first actual Christmas and I learned one important lesson: 1yr olds don’t give a shit about the gifts; its the wrapping paper that’s important. Who knew?

Shit, just like switching to GEICO, I could’ve saved a lot of money, by just purchasing wrapping paper alone. I thought that was an important lesson learned. She taught me in just one day that its the simple stuff that matter; to hell with the elaborate presentation. Oh well, if only we as adults adopted that line of thinking, maybe life would be different for all. Instead of trying to impress others, maybe we should concentrate on the simple things like….


You know, something as small and insignificant like good ole American justice? You know, something that as an American, you’re guaranteed per the constitution? What the hell are you talking about RiPPa? I’m talking about the gentleman pictured above. His name is Donnell Herrington. He’s from New Orleans. He’s not a rapper, nor has he been nominated for 8 Grammy Awards like a now famous New Orleans resident. Nope, he’s not that famous, but he should be. Well, maybe not Grammy famous, but never the less, his story should be heard.

Thanks to the fine folks at The Nation magazine, and the good people at Democracy Now, I now know this man’s story. You see, he is a survivor of the Hurricane Katrina tragedy of 2005. Surely by now you people all know how that episode went down. Like the majority of the people left stranded as they waited for their tax payer dollars to go to work, Donnell endured. Though the images of people on rooftops will (and should) never be forgotten by many, his story must be heard. You see, while Donnell was caught in the struggle of trying to survive a few days after the storm, he was shot, and almost lost his life. Oh well, thats what he gets for looting and tearing up the place like the rest of those Negroes! Yeah, I know that’s what some of you may think, but he was no looter. He was just a man trying to stay alive.

Check it out…Are you with me so far?So why no investigation? Here we are 3yrs later, and still nothing? Hell, in the first few days after the storm, we were inundated with media images of Black people looting; people who were looked upon as savages. Somehow, someway, Donnell’s story was swept under the rug. Why? Because he, like so many others were Black victims. I can’t help but to think that if he were White, and his assailants were Black, things would have been different.
Conveniently, the New Orleans Police Department, are now looking into the story. Yup, 3yrs after the fact that Donnell and others sought justice, they now see it fit to do their jobs. What if A.C. Thompson, a White investigative reporter never divulged this information? Why did it have to take a White reporter to validate and spark interest in this story?
So why are you bringing all of this up RiPPa? I am because there’s a level of vigilance that’s required within any democracy. If there isn’t any justice for all, how can we call ourselves the greatest nation in the world? I’m sorry, but I believe an injustice anywhere affects us all whether we believe it or not. This is why it’s important that you take the time to do something about this.
Do what?
Take the time to click THIS LINK and do your part to affect change. Thats right! The organization ColorOfChange.org is currently sending letters to the Govenor Bobby Jindal of Louisiana, as well as the Louisiana Attorney General to ensure that justice be served. Oh and did I mention that the White would be racist vigilante fuckers have even acknowledged their actions? Seems like with so much “witnesses” that this would be an open and shut case. But, as we all know, things are not that easy for a Black man.
If you don’t believe me, just go ask the Black man who was shot after the storm who ran to the police for help. Yeah, a good Samaritan took him to the police for help, but they tossed him into the backseat of a car and let him bleed to death. After which, they burned the car containing his body behind the police station. Oh yeah, and they did all of this after beating the shit out of the good Samaritan for bringing him there.Look, as easy as it was for people to want change by voting for Barack Obama, I’d be seriously disappointed if nothing gets done about this at all. As easy as it was for so many to get involved in his campaign and give him your support. It should be just as easy to lend your support to see that justice be served. After all, a president only serves for 8yrs at the most. But our constitution, the one guarantee we’re supposed to have, lasts a lifetime. So do me a favor: Get involed, sign that letter, and pass this on so that others can help as well.Click HERE to demand justice.Click HERE to read the entire article.