Waterport, NY: Another Hate Crime at A Mosque After Ramadan Prayer Service


by Joanna (JuJuBe)

According to worshipers at the World Sufi Foundation, a mosque in Waterport, NY, they have been suffering from harassment for years, and the authorities have done little to nothing in reaction to their complaints. In recent weeks, the harassment has been escalating, with people shouting and shooting from vehicles. Worshipers at the mosque report that the police normally take over a half and hour to respond to their requests for assistance.

Now, five teens have been arrested after an SUV full of teens shouting obscenities struck and injured one of the mosque’s members. Members also reported that gunshots were fired from the SUV. 17-year-old Mark Vendetti was arrested on felony charges of illegal possession of a weapon. He is being held on $10,000 bail and is also charged with disrupting a religious service (a hate crime).

Also charged in the incident were Anthony Ogden, Dylan Phillips, Jeff Donahue and Tim Weader.

Anti-Muslim hate crimes have been escalating, particularly this month of Ramadan, which is observed as sacred by Muslims, who fast from dawn to sunset, and often congregate in the evenings during this holy month to break their fast and pray together.

How many more people must be injured, or even killed before people begin to recognize that this level of hatred cannot, indeed MUST not be accepted and condoned any longer?