Voter Suppression: Uh-Oh, those Racist Florida Republicans are Purging Eligible Voters Again (UPDATE)

Welp, it looks like those racist Republicans are at it again in the Sunshine State. You might not remember, but the last time they successfully targeted black voters for suppression by purging registered voters, we ended up with George W. Bush — yep, and we all know how that all worked out for everybody. So, with about six months to go before the next general election — you know, the one between Obama and Romney? — Florida Republican officials are setting the stage to do the dirty seed of interfering the democratic process, but purging the votes of a few thousand voters.

Of course I do0n’t have to tell you how they’ve been making it harder to vote in at least twenty two states with new Voter ID laws. You know, the answer to the problem that is “illegal aliens” voting in the past, that has yet to be proven to be factual? Well, thanks to Florida, this year instead of catching said “illegals” at the polls, they’re looking to strike them from the rolls all together. Yeah, you know, to preserve the integrity that is the American democratic tradition (?).

This from TPM:

Six members of Florida’s congressional delegation are pushing Gov. Rick Scott (R) to stop purging the state’s voting rolls of eligible voters, after numerous individuals were improperly flagged as non-citizens.

The state used an outdated driver’s license database in their initial effort to scrub non-citizens from the voting rolls. Officials believed that 182,000 voters on the rolls were non-citizens, and began sending out notifications that required voters to prove their citizenship within 30 days.

But plenty of legal U.S. citizens who should be allowed to vote wound up on the purge list. In Miami-Dade County, 1,638 people were flagged by the state as “non-citizens,” yet at least 359 people provided the county with proof of citizenship and another 26 people were identified by the county as U.S. citizens, ThinkProgress reported. An analysis by the Miami Herald found that Hispanic, Democratic and independent-minded voters were most likely to be targeted by the purge effort.

In a letter Tuesday to Scott, Reps. Ted Deutch, Alcee Hastings, Corrine Brown, Frederica Wilson, Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Kathy Castor asked Scott to stop the purge, arguing that the process “fails to meet the basic standards of accountability.”

The members of Congress wrote that it would be “irresponsible to proceed so quickly and with so little room for oversight.”

“If the goal is truly to remove ineligible individuals who were intentionally or somehow mistakenly registered to vote, then that process must move forward in a nonpartisan manner with transparency, uniformity and great care,” the members of Congress wrote.

But RiPPa, why are you trippin’, fool? It ain’t like he’s targeting black folk like they did in 2000! Yeah, sure they aren’t targeting black people this time around; uh-huh, believe that shit if you like; yeah, be that stupid. My guess is that Florida Governor Rick Scott thought he was gonna get a pass doing this because everybody was too busy watching ‘Basketball Wives’ or some shit like that.

Sorry Rick Scott, just ’cause George Zimmerman got arrested doesn’t mean you get a pass on this one. If we let this shit slide in Florida, next thing you know, stuff like this is happening ti black voters in Tennessee and every other state and municipality controlled by those no good Republicans.

Update: Last night on The Rachel Maddow Show, there was an excellent segment that expanded on the conversation of Florida’s currentvoter suppression tactic. Disusing the nationwide scope of Republican voter suppression efforts, in the following segment recorded last night. Judith Browne-Davis of the Advancement Project, a voting rights group, told Rachel her organization had today written to Attorney General Eric Holder, urging the Department of Justice to stop Florida’s purge on the grounds that it illegally targets Hispanic voters. In the following interview, not only does she note that about 60% of the people targeted on the list are Hispanic, she also makes the point that it is illegal and against federal law, to conduct such a purge of voters this close to the election. Definitely check out the following video, to fully understand what is at stake here.

This is yet another example of just how systemic racism is in America today.