Undocumented Workers: Illegal Invasion or Economic Scapegoat?

So with all this talk about a mosque being built next to strip club inside of ground zero, the immigration reform debate has been placed in the back of the minds of many (you can thank the media for that). I’ll be honest, for the past week or so I haven’t given the immigration debate much thought hey congress, the balls in your court). But that all changed yesterday when I heard somebody in support of the ground zero mosque being moved say:
Mexican Arab illegal immigrants are gonna sneak into the country at Ground Zero, enter into same-sex marriages all for the purpose of dropping off millions of jihadist anchor babies bent on destroying America, while they steal jobs from black people.Yeah, sounds asstastically ridiculous, right? What can I say, even I have idiotic friends; and sometimes we share them. Well, considering the minds we’re talking about that are opposed to mosques and brown skin people, I guess what is said in the following video from The Real News Network is to be expected…

Pay attention to the lady at the 1:20 mark:

Listening to the supporters of SB1070 in the above video, and the occasional idiot who shows up and comments on this blog I encounter outside of the virtual world. I realize that there’s a lot of work to do to counter years of racially stereotypical disinformation fed to the masses who fail to think critically, but act on emotion with regards to a true discussion on the subject; and this, is yet one of the reasons I blog.