Under Pressure: “Good at the game of Tricknology,” how the Media tried to play Wyclef and us all on Haiti

Wyclef Jean doesn’t have time right now to make another hit making record as he has consistently in the past. If he did, I think a remake of Queen’s “Under Pressure” would be oh so appropriate. As I mentioned a couple days ago on this blog, he has come under fire for the misappropriation of funds for his Yele Haiti foundation; a foundation, which is energetic in raising funds and support for his beleaguered Haitian homeland. Yesterday, an emotional and tearful Wyclef stood before cameras at a press conference to defend his foundation and ultimately himself from the accusations; accusations which he continues to deny.

Fortunately for Wyclef, according to tax experts on non-profits as reported by CNN, there have been no serious wrongdoings by Wyclef or his organization other than not filing their taxes in a timely manner [read it here]. Uh-huh, how about that? Yeah, how about said experts disclosing that it is perfectly routine for non-profits to charge their own charities so long as services are being provided in return. See, this is another one of those incidents in the long line of them always f*cking with us – they’re always f*cking with us, even when we’re doing good deeds. I felt the need to do a followup on my initial post on this because, well, some of “us” actually felt he was wrong to do what he did as far as charging his charity for services rendered.

Meanwhile, what is being ignored by the media, is the fact that credit card companies are getting over like a fat rat from people making charitable contributions to Haiti. As MoveOn.org pointed out a couple days ago as they circulated an online petition to stop this practice, credit card companies take a huge cut of donated funds. Credit card companies already rake in up to $250 million a year for those 1-3 percent interchange fee they charge for processing credit card transactions. Thankfully, due in part to consumer pressure via petitions, and pleas from the several Democratic politicians, some companies have decided to waive or rebate the fees charged to select major relief organizations.

So you see, while they’re f*cking with Wyclef, somebody is actually profiting from all of this; and that would  be, the bankers. You know, the people who run the world via the IMF, the United States etc. etc. But no, they focus on freezing out the little guy. It’s nothing new actually as my man Brown Man of the blog Brown Man Thinking Hard points out in the following video. Renee from the blog Womanist Musings who is a contributor here at The Intersection of Madness & Reality pointed out the very same thing in a recent post titled After the earthquake, Haiti needs more than your latte money; a post that is most definitely worth your time reading in the interest of truth and economic justice. But as Brown Man puts it, the media promotes a false Haiti narrative, and this is more of the same with them throwing Wyclef into a negative spotlight.