Uncle Luke for Mayor

by Eco.Soul.Intellectual

If a gun-slinging action cowboy in Western movies can be president of the US, a steroid-toting killing machine in Sci-Fi flicks can be governor of California, a wrestler can be Governor of Minnesota then I think Uncle Luke, the grand-daddy of pussy-poppin’, booty-poppin’, free speech music should be the mayor of Miami. White men can’t have all the power and fun.

If anyone can wake a sleeping giant in Miami, I do believe Uncle Luke will at the very least stir something up.

Let’s hope his candidacy is more than a one might stand and a $1 lap dance.

And since Luke has been immersed in some of the raunchiest environments that has come out of rap music, he doesn’t have much to hide.

We’ve seen so many sex scandals that make Luke appear, well, somewhat normal, at this point, let’s allow him to direct his energy to another avenue of productive citizenship.

But what would Miami look like if he’d win:

Inauguration night will be an all-white, bass music, booty shaking, Reggaeton carnival in Dade County.
Real Housewives of Miami would cast more than Cuban chicks who have too much plastic surgery and look like they’ve been around the Florida peninsula too many times.
Strip clubs would be tax exempt and churches would be taxed as “for-profits”.
Fidel Castro would be in the front row of the inauguration, waiting for Latina video vixens ready for la revolucion!
Every one of Luke’s baby-mama’s and dancers would go straight to child support.
All I gotta say is, don’t stop get it, get it!

I had to go back to my high school days when I was in shape and could pop, lock it drop it.