Ukraine: Obama’s Latest Greatest Crisis

The Ukraine is jumping off. Looks like Russia has invaded Crimea, apparently bent on resurrecting the old Soviet Union.

Despite the NeoCons doing the happy dance at the possibility of some Cold War tension, World War III is not gonna happen. They will have to content themselves with throwing shade at President Obama for his apparent weakness and inability to lead.

It’s always something. Obama is too weak. Obama is too indecisive. Obama has no foreign policy chops. It’s Monday, crisis at the White House. What Obama gon do today?

If Sarah Palin and Mitt Romney can see the potential crisis from all the way back in 2008, why couldn’t Obama?  (answer: Obama wasn’t president, so I told you so, doesn’t work)

The President was elected to get us out of war, and he is doing that. There is no Iraq and soon there will be no Afghanistan. War with Russia over Crimea is not gonna happen. Nobody wants it, especially with a demonstrably nuts Vladimir Putin.

Well maybe with a few exceptions like Walnuts McCain and Ms. Linsey Graham. They still don’t mind sacrificing other people’s children to satisfy their vampiric appetite for foreign blood. Nevermind that they are also as batshit crazy as Putin.

Obama gets shade which ever way he acts. He’s used to it by now.

Putin probably pulled the trigger on Ukraine and Crimea because he too thinks Obama is weak with no stomach for war. He is listening to the wrong Americans.

ukraine-obama-putin (1)The one to fear in a fight is not the loud mouth. It’s the quiet person who stands there waiting for you to throw the first punch. Then they finish the fight, usually by mopping the ground with your ass. Obama is the quiet one. He never tips his hand until he slaps you in the mouth. That’s why John Kerry is doing all the talking.

And another thing, the talk of reducing our military might is just that….talk…hasn’t happened yet. We can still kill everybody on the face of this earth 12 times each.

Putin is reminiscing about the power days of the old Soviet Union and has overreached himself. He will soon find that present day Russia is not the old USSR and he will begin looking for a graceful way out of the mess.

Obama should keep steady regardless of what the NeoCons are saying/implying and quietly push Putin to see that moving toward a better relationship with the European Union would be better for everyone including Russia.