Turn Right USA Pushes The Most Racist & Sexist GOP Campaign Attack Ad Ever

Clearly when it comes to the GOP and their offspring old habits die hard. I gotta give it to them, they’ve practically cornered the market on the polarization of America with their race-baiting over the years. And they’ve done this year in and year out. Wanna convince voters to pull the lever for a Republican candidate? Well, getting that done is simple; you find a Black or Brown face and you exploit it. Yep, nothing like a good this guy might rape or kill you narrative when the face is Black or Brown. Gee, thanks a lot Willie Horton.

Yep, pretty much like the organization Turn Right USA did earlier this week with a campaign attack ad which targets Democratic candidate, Janice Hahn, out in Los Angles. The campaign ad was released as a web only feature, and thankfully so. It’s being dubbed as the most racist and sexist GOP ad by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) who have since asked that the ad be condemned by the GOP. No word on any condemnation, however, it’s a good thing this ad isn’t aired on television.

Check it out:

This would be funny if it were a Chappelle Show skit, but in real life not so much. And even as twisted as my sense of humor happens to be, I was totally shocked and appalled by this ad. But this ad reinforces what we already know about the GOP. That is, they are masters at appealing to the racial sensitivities of their reactionary base, which includes the enablers or minorities within.

Unfortunately, this type of thing actually works. I’m pretty sure that somewhere right now someone who just saw this video is pulling out a check book to donate to th4 GOP cause of winning that seat. After all, we can’t have politicians who are in the habit of giving away tax payer dollars to gang-bangers, right? Yep, gang-banger reform and rehabilitation is just as much a bad idea as is gov’t funded abortions. Oh, and it’s especially bad when it’s a white woman endorsing it. White women are more virtuous than that.

As inaccurate as the the theme of the ad – paying gang-bangers to rape and kill – you better believe someone right now is believing this, and is on board with stopping Janice Hahn. Which is a damn shame because I didn’t think there were gangs in Los Angele anymore. I’m just saying, you don’t hear about them in the media nationally like we used to back in the 90s, but I guess they’re back.