Tucson, AZ. Students Occupy School Board Meeting to Defend Ethnic Studies

Last Sunday night on Twitter, just before president Obama’s big announcement. I completely flipped out when I saw that Black folks were being encouraged to boycott the airing of Celebrity Apprentice that night. Supposedly this was in response to the antics of Donald Trump, who many now see as racist given his attacks on the president. I for one felt this was foolish. And me being the habitual line-stepper that I am, spared no seconds in letting people know how I felt. The way I see it, boycotting Trump who has not even as much utter a racial pejorative aimed at the president was ridiculous. In the grand scheme of things, a few Black people (who actually watch the show) boycotting Celebrity Apprentice, does nothing to impact society at large.

A few people were disgusted as I gave my take. In particular. they had a hard time understanding that this is indeed America, and love it or hate it, Trump can indeed say or do anything he wants within the law. They also had a hard time understanding my explanation that expanded to explain that Trump is not an elected official; and, he has not even declared whether he’going to run for president or not. Therefore, his has no direct impact on our lives as far as legislative policy. In short, there are and always will be racists in this country; and though I’m down with any anti-racism movement, I prefer a call to action on something significant. I’m all about making a difference and shining a light on where it’s deserved, such as the following:

You see, racism or the tool that is racism is indeed applied systematically. Yes there are racial undertones associated with the claim of president Obama being Kenyan and not American. However, where were these so-called Black “activists” when Arizona were in the process of passing, or passed it’s draconian SB1070 legislation. Further, where were these Black “activists” when the very same state passed a “Birther Bill” which supported the racist claims of irrational right-wing lunatics? From where I’m sitting legislation that bans ethnic studies in the state of Obama does more to negatively impact our society at large than Donald Trump could ever say or do – he’s not an elected official.

As far as I’m concerned, this is a huge problem; that would be, the lack of participation by Black folks and true Black activists in the fight against the anti-immigrant movement. But I guess you have to be a Black immigrant like myself to truly understand just how laws such as HB 2281 and SB 1070 affects us all. The bottom line here folks: anti-immigrant legislation isn’t just a “Mexican” problem; it’s an American problem. In a country that was built and continues to be built on the backs on immigrants where we not only encourage diversity and the celebration of heritage and different cultures. It’s time that we as Americans pull together and say no to what I see as the erasing of an individual ethnic and cultural identity; and that’s not a good thing…

It’s racist!