Troy Davis: Justice Is Truly Blind When We Choose to Shut Our Eyes

When you hear about how the cops routinely find reasons to arrest innocent people… does it surprise you?

Not too long ago the answer to this question may have been vastly different depending on the race of the person answering but these days the answer is more often in the affirmative.

You need only be brown or poor for this to be a fact of your life. It’s an unfortunate reality.

I can imagine it must have been a rude awakening to non-minorities to find out how often and to what degree the police violate citizen rights. The police so all type of things including setting innocent people up for arrest, or by planting evidence to make a case ‘stick’ or by lying on the stand to cover up systematic ineptitude, laziness and every isms you can name.

We all know what the phrase “The Blue Wall of Silence” means.

Thanks to current news reporting, our increased access to communication and the frequency in which inconsistencies come to light we all had the pleasure of getting to know that our judicial is merely a reality show. Certain players pull the strings and control how the ending turns out; what we do doesn’t really matter.

We now have evidence that our procedures are flawed at best. We know that we are merely lucky to avoid the abomination of having life as you know it snatched from under you.

The United States Justice System is rumored to be blind which is implied to mean our system is without bias.

However, there are those who would come to the conclusion that our blind justice is a metaphor for blatant disregard. There is a a quiet neglect of the requirements of the system to follow the rules of the system that “we the people” put in place. We foolishly allow our government to present this broken thing as the Bible and verse of the ways in which we will conduct ourselves as a just people.

We use our justice system to measure our superiority to other countries.

Is Justice Really Blind?

You can ask Troy Davis his opinion of how the US Justice System has treated him.

That is if you can get to him before they put him to death on September 21st for a crime that he may or may not have committed.

Considering the fact that he is to be put to death in a week I know that you may presume that his guilt is ”beyond a reasonable doubt’.

Absolution is a requirement before putting a man to death; those are the rules.

If you have ever seen, heard, or been the innocent victim of a blight in the criminal justice system than you are already aware that your legal rights, your freedom and your liberty are a direct result of you not having yet been found guilty.

People make mistakes in life; sometimes people know people that aren’t good for them. Life is a crazy place to live. My legal professor always said, “the truth is in the details”, research and the consideration of evidence will tell you the story.

But what of the evidence and innocence when our judicial system is willing and able to create criminal cases out of thin air and ignore evidence in favor of charging forward for a ‘win’?

We must all take a step back and question the validity of a system that lurches forward whether there is sufficient gas or not.

The cost of being at the wrong place at the wrong time should not be paid with a human life when there have been over 100 cases found of wrongful conviction for inmates sitting on death row across the nation. Innocent men sat behind bars and killers went free.

If more than 100 innocent people have been convicted of crimes that they did not commit then how do we stand by while Troy David provides information in support of his innocence, yet no one chooses to consider it.

How do we not fear for our own freedom and right to due process when the case that convicted this man was built on tissue thin theory and recanting eye witnesses who complained of police coercion?

How do we not fear a court system based on process over procedure when it could cost us our life?

Some will argue that a few innocent lives lost in favor of killing many other people who DID commit heinous crimes is a small price to pay for a safer society.

Society is no safer for any of us when the possibility of coincidence is all that is needed to cause an innocent person to somehow find themselves sitting on death row.

We applaud Republican candidates that brag over their execution numbers.

We demand stricter laws and applaud the police for finding a suspect and making an air tight case; we applaud our politicians who strut in front of us like a Hollywood Action heros.

We applaud all that is the illusion of our Constitutional rights yet Troy Davis knows the date and time of his death for a crime that in all probability did not commit.

The “land of the free” is anything but for poor and disenfranchised among us.

When the eyes of justice are blind we all risk becoming victims with no eye witness.