Tiger Woods should convert to Christianity, & apologize to black women in America

I don’t know, but maybe Brit Hume was right. Maybe  Tiger Woods should give up Buddhism and become a Christian as Humes suggested. Because from the  above cover photo of February’s upcoming Vanity Fair magazine, it’s obvious that the Cablanasian is taking his inner WuTang Clan wannabe Bruce Leroy thing a lil’ bit too serious. With the photos taken well before his recent fall from grace. I have to ask just what exactly  was he trying to prove? Look at the guy; throw a leather glove on his right hand and tell me if he doesn’t look like he has the potential to carve up a white woman and an innocent restaurant waiter.

Of course I understand that “alter-ego” concept may have been the idea of the photographer. But damn, did we really need to see him look the part of an MC Hammer understudy from the “Pumps In A Bump” video? Personally, even with his shirt off exposing his taco meat and hairy nipples exposed he manages to exude zero sex appeal for many black women with whom I’ve discussed this photo. Tiger may not have considered himself black ever in life, but I’d be damned if he isn’t now by default as a result of these pics.

I woke up this morning to Morning Joe on MSNBC to hear them discussing this cover pic, and I couldn’t help but to laugh at how they were “disturbed” on the show by the “menacing” look as they themselves described . I guess it’s safe to say that this was not the Tiger they ever wanted to see; nor the Tiger they cheered for on the green. Nope, they wouldn’t allow this Tiger to have sex with their daughters. Maybe he should have smiled exposing his million dollar horse teeth; he would have appeared less threatening that’s for sure.

Of course the fact that he’s a golfer and not a gun wielding NBA player in the locker room helps in the long run. Who knows, maybe this raises his stock with the white girls in the future. Which if you’re a golf fan you’ll agree that the occasional female streaker at The Masters might not be a bad thing. I mean c’mon, this is Tiger Woods! Mister $1 billion dollar man himself; let him have that. Let’s just hope for the sake of the sport that old fat white guys don’t follow suit and splash their man-boobs all over magazine racks across the country.

Maybe Tiger should just apologize like my man: